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Live demonstration Albanian Navy and Air Forces in Durres for ALMEX 2010 International Exhibition on.

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ALMEX 2010
Albanian Military Exhibition

Tirana, Albania
28 - 30 October 2010
Albanian Navy and Air Forces at ALMEX 2010

Friday, 29 October 2010, 21:52 PM

Live demonstration of the Albanian Navy and Air Force in Durres at ALMEX 2010.
Today’s simulation of the Albanian Navy and Air Forces in Durres for ALMEX 2010 International Exhibition on Security and Defense focused on anti-terrorism trainings and fighting methods, as well as environment protection within NATO’s framework and the Albanian Army Modernization Strategy.

Asked about the current needs of the Albanian Navy in armament and equipments Admiral Kudret Cela said: “Right now we need and light armament for our soldiers on boats and small caliber ammunition for our fast cost guard vehicles. But we are also interested in ammunition for large ships, as right now we are building 3 new “ILIRIA” ships based on older Dutch project, in our base in Pash Aliman in Vlora. But we also need new communication equipment and other elements for providing secure and efficient Navy ships. ”
Capitan Lieutenant Alfred Velaj says: “Our ships are a 2010 product, but our ammunitions date from 1960’s Russian production. It is very important for us to modernize such system.”


Present during the simulation were Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia and many military attaché in Albania.

“It is a very interesting demonstration. I was present also last year, but today it was much better” says the Russian Attaché. “I don’t know why Russian firms were not present in this first edition of ALMEX, but I am sure they will be present the next one.”

“It’s a very good presentation of the going on modernization of the Albanian Army” said the Romanian Attaché.

“It’s a very impressive demonstration!” says the German Attaché in Tirana who followed the ALMEX 2010 activities during all its on-the-field demonstrations.

“It’s an excellent event already in the first edition, I think the next will be even more powerful.” says the Chinese Attaché.

“Beautiful demonstration, beautiful place and beautiful people” says one of the Italian guests to ALMEX 2010.

Besiana Lushaj

Video Live Demonstration Albanian Navy and Air Force ALMEX 2010


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