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ALMEX 2010 Albanian Military Defense Exhibition Show daily news pictures video photos actualites.

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ALMEX 2010
Albanian Military Exhibition

Tirana, Albania
28 - 30 October 2010

ALMEX 2010 Albanian Military Exhibition
ALMEX 2010

ALMEX – Albanian Military Exhibition is the First Exhibition on Security and Defense, an international event that promotes a new identity of Albania after its membership in NATO, a spoken voice in the issues of Defense and International Security. The event will be held from October 28 to 30, 2010, at the Palace of Congresses, Tirana, Albania, and we would be delighted to welcome you there.
ALMEX is the newborn production of the UFI Member Albanian organization, Klik Ekspo Group,
and will be organized under the patronage of the Albanian Ministry of Defense, General Staff of Albanian
Armed Forces, and the institutional assistance of SECA – State Export Control Authority.
ALMEX is the “First” meaning the “Best” event, which is aiming to be an objective focused on actuality, and a radar that will tirelessly try to perceive the future of the sector.

ALBANIA - country of revelations:
Albanian Military Exhibition is not just a promotional eve event to promote an interesting and prominent industry. Through ALMEX, the whole country is revealed, its hermetic yesterday existence, avid for liberation and development, and the today’s status that emanates stability, security, economic & social growth, and clear firmness to the European integration.

Who can exhibit at ALMEX

If the range of products of defense and security are your daily work and the Balkan and SEE markets are your targets, make your company be in the right place at the right time by participating in ALMEX this autumn. A must of nomenclature of goods and the filtered channels of visitors, will make sure to have the immediate feedback from your presence at the show.

Start in pole position:
You will be a step ahead if you are offering the goods listed below, which appear more often in the Defense
and Security demands of the Albanian institutions for the next 5 years to come:
- Constructive Simulation
- System of Information and Logistic Support Management
- Intelligence equipment
- Tactic radio communication equipment
- Field equipment
- MKK equipment
- Light armaments
- Mobile center
- Armored vehicles (100 mil. Euro negotiable in the 3 years to come)
- Operative mountain equipment
- Tactic communication equipment with radio
- Helicopters (selling and buying)
- Fire-fighting vehicles (buying)
- Bid of Armed Forces Uniforms

Advantages if you are seeking for Albanian market:
- Recognizing the growing market demands of Albania in the related industry;
- With the metamorphosis that the entire security and defense system is actually undergoing, Albania turns out to be a key factor of attracting the attention to the technologies and proposals from the worldwide leaders;
- The fermentation between the local immediate demand and international supply, grant to ALMEX its status of a unique summit to display this “market progression”;
- Become the first-in-line proposers and bidders to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Defense of Albania; the active participation of the Ministry of Defense, General Staff of Albanian Armed Forces, Ministry of Interior, State Export Control Authority, is an asset, since you will get all necessary information about the tenders and bids, programs or projects undertaken by the abovementioned institutions (projects of 350.000.000 Euro) and learn about the procurement procedures and how to become a potential future supplier and partner;
- Albania is a roulette of opportunities for the worldwide industrialists: an obsolete industry of military and security fields (armament and ammunitions, uniforms, explosive plants etc) is also waiting to be restored and supported with new innovative technologies; This overhauling course might involve other tangent industries like metallurgy, processing of dual-use goods, high security transport etc.

Advantages if you are seeking for Balkans and SEE market:
- Becoming part of the regional markets and being positioned clearly in the circle of international actors and in the Balkans (Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, etc.);
- Meeting buyers and decision makers of the Balkan and SEE countries;
- Feeling the trends and news of the defense and security industry in the Western Balkan and SEE countries (given that some of these countries are on the verge of NATO or EU membership and the budgets of their governments are affluent in the voices of reforms and standardizations of the Defense and Security field);
- The presence of the Balkan and SEE state authorities and institutions, will lead the participant to recognizing the trends and policies in the defense sector;
- Albania is often designated as “the natural gate to the Balkans”, and the same guiding position will be shown through Albania Military Exhibition, an event which will involve the entire Balkan and SEE area and will soon become an event of reference in this corner of Europe.

The number of visitors of ALMEX is a successful tandem between the organizers’ commitment to promote it and the peculiarity of the event itself. The support of the Albanian Ministry of Defense and of the General Staff guarantee the presence of the Homologue Official Delegations, which will not only be visiting the show, but will also be an active part of the conferences and forums that will take place within the framework of the Albanian Military Exhibition.

Looking forward to meeting you there:
- Official Defense Delegates;
- Armed Forces representative involved in Defense Procurement;
- Regional industry decision-makers seeking purchasing and Joint-Venture business opportunities;
- Senior International Industry Visitors;
- Military and Security issues influencers;
- Defense and Security industry executives;
- Civil and Military Police;
- Defense and Security Press and Media

- B2B and B2C meetings’ Agenda;
- High level meeting;
- Company and product presentation;
- Conferences and forums under the care of the Albanian Ministry of Defense focused in the
Albanian involvement in global projects of defense and security.
- Conference and forums under the care of international Governmental Institutions focused in the
“clou” arguments of the defense and security field;
- Hands-on exhibitions:
* shooting ranges and instruction;
* tactical combat demonstrations;
* live demonstrations of weapons and military equipment , vehicles and communication equipment;
* combat simulations;
- Festival of Marching Band;
- Exhibition of Uniforms and the Arsenal in Centuries

ALMEX 2010 Official Site

Visit the oficial website about the ALMEX 2010 to have more information ( Visitors, Exhibitors, etc ...)
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Program ALMEX 2010 Back Menu
DAY 1, Thursday 28 October 2010


09:45 - 09:55
10:00 - 10:05
10:10 - 10:15

10.20 - 12.00

12:00 - 12:15

12:30 - 14:00
14:00 - 14:30

14:30 - 16:30 17:00 - 17:30
17:30 - 18:30
20:00 - 22:00

Live Demonstration “Innovative Technology and Equipment in the area of Security and Civil Emergency”
Officials arrive
Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania, Prof.Dr. Sali Berisha arrives
Unit Commander’s show of force (troops and vehicles, which take part in the demonstration are lined up in front of the tribune)
The National Hymn of the Republic of Albania is played
Speaker announces troops and vehicle demonstration (Troops and military vehicles perform in front of guests)
Direct connection (live) with the Albanian Special Forces of the Peacekeeping Mission in Afghanistan
Cocktail sponsored by ALMEX
Depart the Commando Regiment Forces in Zall-Herr and proceed to Tirana (National History Museum)
Visit ALMEX, discussions, meetings Business-to-Business (B2B)
Inauguration Ceremony of ALMEX
Guests visit the exhibits at the National History Museum
Official dinner for invited guests sponsored by the Minister of Defense and ALMEX according to the protocol list

DAY 2, Friday 29 October 2010

09:00 - 09:45
10:00 - 12:00

12:00 - 13:00
13:00 - 14:00
17:00 - 19:00

Travel to the Command of Naval Force in Durres (Depart Rogner Hotel Europapark)
Live Demonstration (Air Force and Naval Force Command)
a) Search & Rescue Simulation
b) Simulation on War against Terrorism
Cocktail sponsored by ALMEX
Guests return to Tirana
Visit at ALMEX, discussions, meetings Business-to-Business (B2B)
DAY 3, Saturday 30 October 2010

09:00 - 09:45
10:00 - 11:00
11:20 - 11:40
12:00 - 13:00
13:00 - 14:00
17:00 - 18:00

18:00 - 18:30


Depart Rogner Hotel Europapark and proceed to Skenderbej square
Demonstration by the RENEA Forces
Depart the National History Museum and proceed to the Trap- -Skeet range in Mullet
Trap-Skeet shooting
Cocktail sponsored by ALMEX
Company Presentation: Defendec (
Conference Hall at the National History Museum
Press Conference:
End of the International Fair of Defense and Security and closing remarks in the presence of the organizing party, members of the Ministry of Defense, Interior Ministry and participating companies.
End of the International Fair of Defense and Security
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Industry News
ALMEX 2010 News
Update 30 October 2010
Update 30 October 2010

Official Online Show Daily News ALMEX 2010
from 28 - 29 October 2010

Official Online Show Daily News ALMEX 2010
from 28 - 29 October 2010

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ALMEX 2010 Albanian Military Exhibition
Pictures - Video ALMEX 2010 update 30 October 2010
Video ALMEX 2010 Live Demonstration and Opening Ceremony
ALMEX 2010 Pictures
ALMEX 2010 Pictures

Pictures ALMEX 2010
Albanian Military Exhibition
from Army Recognition
Worldwide Defense Magazine
28 - 29 October 2010

Pictures ALMEX 2010
Albanian Military Exhibition
from Army Recognition
Worldwide Defense Magazine
28 - 29 October 2010

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