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MSPO 2010 , Kielce, Poland
18th International Defence Industry Exhibition

06 - 09 September 2010
ASB Aerospatiale Batteries at MSPO 2010

Monday , 06 September 2010, 23:12 PM

ASB Aerospatiale Batteries is a world leading in the research, design and manufacture of Thermal Batteries.

ASB Aerospatiale Batteries is a world leading company which specialises in the research, design and manufacture of Thermal Batteries, with cutting edge technologies and enhanced reliability performance. ASB products are recognized worldwide for their excellence and optimization to the customer requirements. Due to their inherent technologica advantages, our thermal batteries are a factor in the success of all current major defence, aeronautical and space projects across the world.

Thermal Batteries are primary lithium batteries, which are totally inert prior to activation. They are therefore totally maintenance free over a very long storage life, and are the only power sources able to operate reliably under very harsh environments. This includes extreme low and high temperatures, pressures, EMI, acceleration, etc. Thermal Batteries represent ideal power sources for electronically operated guidance systems in missiles and rockets, artillery ammunitions, underwater craft, land, sea and air defence systems, as well as emergency power supplies for aeronautics and subsea systems.

ASB Thermal Batteries are custom designed to meet the specific requirements, with appropriate brackets & connectors configuration. They are compatible with both pulse and steady state load demands and can provide several output voltages from a one battery.
ASB is at the forefront of thermal battery design and manufacturing innovation, continuously optimizing packaging to provide the same capacity in ever smaller volumes.
ASB Aerospatiale Batteries, a Saft and EADS Company, has plants in France, in Scotland with its subsidiary MSB (Missile and Space Batteries), and in the USA with its new company ATB Inc (Advanced Thermal Batteries). For more information, visit

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