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Bertin Technologies MSPO 2010 design delivery high-tech defense equipment simulation combat training.

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MSPO 2010 , Kielce, Poland
18th International Defence Industry Exhibition

06 - 09 September 2010
Bertin Technologies at MSPO 2010

Tuesday , 07September 2010, 18:19 PM

Bertin Technologies design and delivery of high-tech defense simulator and training equipment.
Since 1956, Bertin Technologies has been providing a truly unique range of expertise and the design and delivery of high-tech equipment. Today, with a workforce including over 500 high-level technicians and engineers, Bertin Technologies (subsidiary of CNIM Group) is one of the European leaders in terms of innovation.
Using tried and tested methods, multidisciplinary scientific expertise and multi-sector knowhow, Bertin Technologies provides its clients (public bodies, industrial contractors and SMEs) with innovative and competitive solutions.

Simulation and combat training
In a constrained budget environment, the simulation appears as the most effective solution to ensure employability and performance of the Armed Forces. It has now become indispensable in the preparation of operational units. With its expertise in computer and electronics for Defence Bertin Technologies offers a range of simulators for indoor training of armoured vehicle crews and platoons.

EMSET simulators
EMSET is an indoor simulator for tank gunnery skills and combat platoon training. Ergonomics has been designed to reproduce the turret set-up in question and offers gunners and platoon commanders the same intercom and radio, observation and monitoring capabilities, firing control and sequencing systems. Simulation of extremely realistic terrain (desert/land/urban, daylight/night/in poor visibility conditions, reactive targets) makes it possible to provide training for all possible combat situations.

EMSET simulator indoor system

EMSET simulator instructor station
Instructor station
Further means of control enable the instructor to monitor crew-members actions, introduce incidents, record firing sessions for high-quality post- analysis and create new exercises.

Adaptable to all types of armoured vehicles
By their configuration adaptable to all types of battle tanks and armoured vehicles, simulators can meet the specific needs of different armies. Sold over 150 copies abroad, EMSET simulators have also been adopted by the French Army.

Easy installation and optimized quality training at lower cost
Placed directly in the regiments, the simulators are easy to install and implement. By providing the possibility of setting up individual or collective sessions, a consistent level of training can be guaranteed for crews and platoons of the same formation.

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