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International Armoured Vehicles 2010 training simulation fighting vehicle Exhibition Conference UK.

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IAV International Armoured Vehicles 2010
International Defence Exhibition & Conference
, United Kingdom
01 - 05 February 2010

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First day at International Armoured Vehicles 2010
Monday , 01 February 2010, 22:19
Focus day conference, Armoured Fighting Vehicle Training and Simulation.

The first day of the Conference and Exhibition “International Armoured Vehicles 2010” was devoted to talks on various systems and methodologies of drive by the use of technologies of video simulator and the integration of the applications of video games. In order to reduce the costs of real drives, mainly for the armoured units, several armies of the world call upon companies of the field of video simulation to produce applications 3D which reproduce the various possibilities of control and shootings of a combat armored vehicle. The use of this type of technology makes it possible to reproduce in a virtual form, the new zones of combat in order to apply standards procedures and to prepare the troops with new the threats of the battle field. These programs are developed on the basis of experiment of the troops in combat zones like Iraq and Afghanistan. Thanks to the power of the modern computers, and the possibility of reproducing in digital form, the ground and all the human factors and equipment/vehicles of the civil and military field, it is possible to reproduce today with exactitude a whole a series of scenarios make it possible to prepare the soldiers, since the individual level up to a level of army corps to different situations from the current combat. The use of these means will never replace the experiment of the combat, but makes it possible to formalize and apply military procedures standards.

The guest’s speaker, 01 February 2010:
- Paul Wade, CEO and President, of Training and Simulation Dynamics Group LLC (TSDG) of Austin, Texas working in a subcontract role for SAIC to develop new marketing and customer development activities worldwide. Paul Wade has forty (40) years of experience creating, implementing and marketing innovative training and operational support programs for Training Companies, Aircraft Manufacturers, Air Carriers, US & Foreign Military and Universities & Vocational Technology Schools.
- Mike Kerrigan is the product line manager for the Common Driver Trainer (CDT), serving in that position since the inception of the program six years ago. During that time, the CDT’s architecture has allowed the delivery of the Stryker variant, four different MRAP simulators (RG31, RG33L, MaxxPro, Caiman) to include a mobile version and is currently delivering the All-Terrain M-ATV variant. The SAIC CDT Team is also under contract to deliver trainer for the M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams tank variant, the Joint Assault Bridge (JAB) and the Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV).
- Colonel Tim Hyams was commissioned into the 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards (now the Royal Dragoon Guards) in 1986. He has served in variety of appointments as Regimental duty: as Troop Leader, Reconnaissance Troop Leader, Adjutant, Squadron Leader,and, from 2005-2008, as Commanding Officer. His most recent operational tour has been commanding his Regimental Battleground, deployed to Iraq in 2007-2008. Tim Hyams was promoted to Colonel in July 2008. Tim Hyams is now Command, Staff and Tactical Training Group, Land Warfare Center of British army. As commander of the Command, Staff and Tactical Training Group, he is responsible for the delivery of the British Army’s command and staff collective training, together with tactical training in the constructive environment.
- Thomas Lasch, Chief of the Models & Simulation Branch at the Joint Multinational Simulation Center, 7th U.S. Army Joint Multinational Training Command, Grafenwoehr, Germany. He was formerly assigned as Project Director at the Program Executive Office, Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) in Orlando, Florida and as the Director, Training Analysis Computer Support & Simulation, Joint Multinational readiness Center (JMRC), Hofenfels, Germany.
- Nils Hinrichsen, eSim Games’ Director of Customer Relations since its foundation. Since 2003 the “Steel Beasts Professional” product has been adapted to customer requirements in Australia, Europe, and the America.
- Major Henrik Kolding Kristensen, Chief, Research & Development Branch, Danish Army Combat Centre. It is in charge of the development and the integration of a simulation program of control and combat for the armoured troops of the Danish army.

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