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MVB modular mobile vehicle barrier stop suicide vehicles technical data sheet specifications.

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ISDEF 2010
4th International Israel Defence Exhibition

18 - 20 October 2010
Modular vehicle barrier MVB

Tuesday, 19 October 2010, 22:45 PM

Mifram Israeli Company presents his new mobile modular barrier against suicide vehicles.

The MVB is a physical, light-weight barrier & therefore fully portable. Its unique design enables transferring the horizontal momentum of a ramming vehicle upwards or downwards until fully stopping its movement. Selected and deployed by the U.S. Army, USMC, Athens Olympics, Japanese Army, Cruise liners & other Special Forces world wide. At ISDEF 2010, MVB present his new mobile barrier against suicide vehicles.

MVB Modular Vehicle Barrier at ISDEF 2010 from Mifram Company

The advantages of this barrier are:
- Cost effective, Non Lethal solution. Quick assembly, no tools needed.
- High impact capabilities.
- Flexible length, consisting of individual units which fit together to correspond to varying vehicle and road sizes.
- Transportable by plane, helicopter, small pick-up truck, station wagon, boat and even manually in special carrying cases.
- Suitable for sandy, rocky, rough terrain, gravel & asphalt.
- Foldable for easy and efficient storage.

Thousands of units have been deployed, tested and operated in "hot" zones and in the civilian market since 2003 with zero maintenance and no breakdowns.
- Quick assembly: The barrier consists of elements which are light to carry. Any adult can assemble this physical barrier in minutes without using assembly tools, to create a block against immediate threats of ramming vehicles in unknown locations.
- High impact: Its unique design has high impact capabilities that transfer the vehicle's horizontal momentum vertically to the extent of stopping the vehicle within a relatively short range.
- Flexible length: Independent separate units can be composed into any length desired, blocking any size of vehicle route.
- Wheel protection: The unique process (patented) of momentum transfer is efficient for vehicles regardless of their wheel protection.
- Easy storage: Foldable units that can be easily stored, saving space and enabling easy access for future use.
Video modular barrier to stop suicide vehicles.
Video modular mobile barrier to stop suicide vehicles.


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