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TOS-1 Buratino Video heavy flame thrower vehicle T-72 chassis Russia Russian army lance flamme.

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TOS-1 Heavy Flame Thrower System

Tuesday , 14 September 2010, 18:17 PM

The TOS-1 Buratino heavy flame thrower base on T-72 main battle tank chassis (Video RIA Novosti)
The TOS-1 Buratino heavy flame thrower system destroys the enemy by burning down its position, through waves of pressure. The military vehicle can hit targets within a range of up to eight kilometers. The system is mounted on T-72 tank’s chassis, with a missile launcher installed instead of the tank turret. The launcher has an ammunition load of 30 missiles (the first models used to have 24 missiles). The missile launcher is located on a rotating platform; it needs only seven seconds to shoot its full load. Thanks to the tank’s chassis, the military vehicle has increased maneuverability. The Buratino’s shells can be rightfully called unique as they have a double effect: an inflammatory and a thermobaric one. They are not used in other vehicles. The vehicle was first used in combat in Afghanistan and then in Chechnya.
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