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| 2011
International Armoured Vehicles (IAV) 2012
International Defence Exhibition & Conference
FIVE, Farnborough, United Kingdom
20 - 23 February 2012


About International Armoured Vehicles (IAV)

International Armoured Vehicles is the largest major meeting platform dedicated for those involved with or interested in armoured vehicles, at which to meet potential clients from across the globe, all in one place. Each year, this defence industry event attracts thousands of visitors from over 40 countries, therefore becoming the most internationally-attended meeting dedicated to the armoured vehicles community.

The 2012 International Armoured Vehicles Exhibition Hall will feature 100 of the world’s top defence companies, including key OEMs and vehicle manufacturers such as Tawazun, Iveco Defense, OshKosh and Nexter, as well as a large range of SMEs, system and component manufacturers and smaller specialist suppliers. This year will also highlight an enhanced Innovation Stage and radically increased networking opportunities for all visitors. Applications for free exhibition passes are now available until January 2012 online at

The 2012 International Armoured Vehicles Conference has announced its most prestigious speaker faculty to-date, confirming 50+ senior military and industry speakers – amongst them are 21+ Generals and 14+ OEMs. Both Minister Peter Luff, MP, Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, UK Ministry of Defence and General Sir Peter Wall, KCB, CBE, ADC Gen, Chief of the General Staff of the British Army are scheduled to provide the opening and closing addresses. The full programme is available for free download on

International Armoured Vehicles at the FIVE in Farnborough

Earlier this year, Defence IQ announced that International Armoured Vehicles, the world’s largest show entirely dedicated to armoured vehicles, was moving to the FIVE in Farnborough for 2012. Taking place 20-23 February, this was a big move for the event, having 'lived' in London for over 10 years, and a signal from the event producers that more positive changes are in store for attendees.

The space at the FIVE in Farnborough is a perfect location to host this key forum for international military representatives to engage on a new level with the UK armoured vehicles community. Located a short train ride from Heathrow Airport and near the heartland of the British Army, the venue provides the final touch to the event's radical changes, which include a wider range of international perspectives, round table discussions, improved networking capabilities and a new Awards System.

International armoured Vehicles 2012
IAV is the main important event in Europe about modern armoured vehicles, Army Recognition Defense & Security Magazine is the Official Media Partner and the Show News Daily online for IAV 2011.

The Exhibition

Apply for your Free Visitor Pass to the Exhibition Hall today:

Hear from Armoured Vehicles Programme Managers and their Decision Making Teams
The Innovation Stage will be featuring briefings and direct insight from industry experts ranging from key OEMs to the SMEs providing new and innovative solutions for current requirements, providing you with the insight you need into the future of the armoured vehicles market.

Just announced! Hear from the following key OEMs:
• Tawazun’s Chief Strategic Officer, Hamad Al Neyadi
• Iveco’s UK Defence Advisor (Defence Vehicles Divison), Andrew Simpson
• Saab Group’s Executive Manager of Land Systems, Cobus van der Merwe
• Barco Defense & Aerospace’s Technical Director, Jeff Malacarne
• And more…

View the Day One Schedule for the Innovation Stage.

The Innovation Stage is located at the heart of the exhibition, and is absolutely free for all attendees. Register online at

Want to find out which requirements and capabilities OEMs are looking for? Make sure you get ahead of the learning curve with:

• Direct insight into upcoming vehicle programmes and requirements for key OEMs
• Understanding of the procurement criteria being set by industry leaders for new subsystems and products
• Heightened awareness of the new innovations taking place within the SME community
If you have a product or system innovation that you think the market needs to hear, make your voice heard:
• Raise awareness of your brand among the market leaders
• Showcase your thought leadership in the development of innovative new products
• Respond directly to the concerns presented by key system integrators and OEMs on stage, and show how your product takes into account their key challenges
• Ensure that your face is known within the community, to best take advantage of the networking opportunities within the exhibition

International armoured Vehicles 2012 Official Website
The International Armoured Vehicles 2012 official website offers complete information on the conference and exhibition, as well as free resources on armoured vehicles, C-IED, Through Life Support, C4I, post-Afghanistan battle spaces, vehicle survivability, requirements and more.
Press Registration:
The website also provides easy registration options for the conference, as well as the free visitor pass.
Visit the website online at
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Program IAV 2012 Back Menu
DAY 1, Monday 20 February 2012

08:30 - 17.15

Pre-Conference Focus Day A: Defeating the IED Threat
Download the full programme:
Rationale: Attacks from Improvised Explosive Devices are now generating over half of all battlefield fatalities in Afghanistan. With highs of up to 1,600 strikes per month and with 1,248 coalition casualties caused by improvised bombs between April and June alone, the IED risk is defining defence spending on new vehicle designs and upgrades in all areas of armouring, blast mitigation, sensors and detection systems, training simulators and the wider survivability of mechanical subsystems such as tyres, tracks and suspension systems.

Designed to consider the current and future evolution of such threats, the Counter-IED Focus Day gives you first hand insight into the challenges and potential solutions being put into action by senior military decision makers and the most up to date information on the future requirements for vehicle systems.

Top Benefits:
• Be at the forefront of discussions between leading C-IED representatives on future tactics for joint C-IED operations and new
strategies for attacking C-IED networks.
• Benchmark the capabilities of your products against the requirements for armoured vehicles and wider C-IED operations.

Key Speakers include:
• Lieutenant General Michael D Barbero, Director, Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, Office of the Secretary, US DoD
• Mr. Martin Hagström, C-IED Lead and Programme Manager, Weapon and Protection Systems, Swedish Defence Research Agency
• Mr. David Hansen, Project Manager, Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Vehicle Program Office, US DoD
• Robert Shaw, Head of Counter IED Task Force Training, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)

08:30 - 17.15
Pre-Conference Focus Day B: Through Life Support
Download the full programme:

Rationale: Over the past year, Through Life Support has come to the fore as the key subject shaping NATO defence spending and future strategies. As ISAF TCNs and wider NATO forces look to streamline their logistics supply and equipment whilst still providing the most flexible supply chains and advanced equipment for operational troops, it's become vital to understand the requirements and challenges facing supply chain management and in-theatre MRO.

Moreover, with an increasing emphasis in regions such as the Middle East and Central Asia on long-term integrated Through Life Support contracts designed to aid the development of indigenous expertise, the need for international collaboration and sharing of lessons learned is becoming of vital importance to an increasingly connected international TLS community.

Top Benefits:
• Gain direct insight on military requirements for the logistical delivery of capabilities to front line operations.
• Benefit from in depth understanding on the key maintenance, repair and upgrade challenges facing current forces, and the investment required to overcome these obstacles.
• Discover how regional solutions in providing capability, availability and affordability across a range of platforms can be translated to solve wider international challenges.

Key Speakers include:
• Lieutenant General Jean Tristan Verna, Director, Integrated Operational Land Equipment Maintenance (SIMMT), French MoD
• Major General (Ret) Antonios Chatzidakis, General Manager, NAMSA
• Brigadier Alistair Deas MBE, Director, Defence College Of Logistics and Personnel Administration, UK MoD
• Colonel Thomas B. Murphree III, Director of Troop Support, Europe and Africa, Defense Logistics Agency

DAY 2, Tuesday 21 February 2012

08:30 - 17:15

G6 Industry Leader Global Strategy Debate

Download the full programme:
As operations in Afghanistan start drawing to a close, it's becoming more urgent than ever to start discussing the future for armoured vehicles. It's a big question, and one that requires the input of the senior industry leaders who are shaping the equipment that will take centre stage in future conflicts.

This year, International Armoured Vehicles takes you ahead of the learning curve with the opportunity to find out first hand the strategies shaping the future of armoured vehicles from the armoured vehicles industry's key decision makers and thought leaders, including:

• Dr. John Gutteridge, Strategy & Business Development Director, BAE Systems Global Combat Systems
• Dr. Vernon Joynt, Chief Technology Officer, Force Protection
• Major General (Ret) Chris Wilson, Strategy Director, Thales Land Defence (UK)
• Noah Byers, Director, International Business Development, OshKosh
• Mr. Frédéric Bouty, VP, Strategy, Nexter Systems

We will ask these leaders the following thought-provoking questions:
• What are top industry leaders targeting as the major battlespaces of the future?
• What do vehicle manufacturers and systems integrators see as the key areas for long-term investment in R&D?
• What new priorities are decision-makers setting for the 'Iron Triangle' and how will this affect the armoured vehicle market?
• What future balance needs to be met between manned and unmanned vehicles?
• What will be the main characteristics of future conflicts and what key threats are the industry keeping front of mind?

Main Conference Day One Speakers from:
• UK MoD
• US Army Programmes
• Pakistan Armed Forces
• British Army
• Indian Army
• South African Army
• UK Defence Academy
• BAE Systems
• Force Protection
• Nexter Systems
• OshKosh

View the full speaker list:

DAY 3, Wednesday 22 February 2012

08:30 - 17:15

Main Conference Day Two

• Future of Conflict post-Afghanistan
• Training and Simulation

Speakers from:
• Indian Army
• Spanish Armed Forces
• Canadian Army
• Tawazun
• DARPA, Swedish Army, Austrian MoD
• US DoD
• UK MoD
• British Army
• Italian MoD

Download the full programme:

DAY 4, Thursday 23 February 2012

08:30 - 17:15

Post-Conference Focus Day C: Future Armouring

Download the full programme:

Rationale: There's no doubt that IED attacks are defining the armouring market, and with casualty levels in Afghanistan spiralling no threat area is currently facing more direct and urgent scrutiny. But Afghanistan is only one conflict, and the question is starting to be raised: are we putting all of our eggs in one basket? How far will mines and IEDs continue to define armouring requirements over the next 10 years? In order to avoid relying on costly, short-term UORs in future conflicts it is becoming more vital than ever to start defining what advances in armouring are available to meet potential future operational and capability requirements.

Providing a dedicated day of discussion on the subject, the Future Armouring focus day faces head-on the questions that are starting to impact on procurement strategies for program managers across the world.

Top Benefits:
• Discover what direct threats will see resurgence in future conflicts: K.E. Rounds, C.E. Rounds, EFPs, EMPs, CBRNs,
ATGMs, RPGs, Ballistic Missiles, RAM...?
• Discuss how far future composite armours will be able to take over the role of 'standard' steel plating, or whether such armouring will always be a necessity for armoured vehicles.
• Debate how concepts such as modular armouring could redefine 'mission specific' requirements and the ever-present Iron Triangle balance for future armoured vehicles.

Key Speakers include:
• Dr. Ken Gabriel, Deputy Director, DARPA
• Brigadier General Thomas James, Commandant, Armour School, US Army
• Colonel Pekka Toveri, Commanding Officer, Armoured Brigade, PL5, Finnish Army
• Jurjen Hoekstra, Programme Manager Support Officer, Boxer Programme Division, OCCAR-EA

08:30 - 17:15
Post-Conference Focus Day D: Post-Afghanistan Round Table Discussion Day

Download the full programme:

Rationale: Beyond Iraq, almost no other conflict over the past decade has so defined the requirements, equipment capabilities, defence budgets, training, in-theatre tactics, and even the basic mindsets of international militaries than that of Afghanistan. As Afghan operations start to wind down, however, major militaries across the world are starting to ask serious questions over the coming requirements for ground combat systems in line with the shape of future land warfare.

From heads of force development to programme managers, no question is more vital for the development of effective long term programmes and strategies. Taking this question to task with an innovative new format, the Post Afghanistan Round Table Discussion Day allows you the opportunity to be at the forefront of this vital debate as well as gathering the key intel which will directly impact on your own current and future challenges and requirements.

Top Benefits:
• What changes need to be made to current force structures in order to create a post-Afghanistan fighting stance?
• What is the future battlespace? And how should we adapt our capabilities to meet it?
• What type of threats are we going to start facing after Afghanistan and how will these affect our capability requirements?

Key Round Table Leaders:
• Brigadier General Norbert Huber, Head of Force Development Division, Austrian MoD
• Colonel Ben Edwards OBE, AD Mounted Capability, Director Combat (DCBT), British Army
• Colonel Chris Naler, Fires and Manoeuvre Integration Division (FMID), Capabilities Development Directorate, USMC
• Lieutenant Colonel Andy Stevens, SO 1 Explosive Ordnance Engineering (EOE)/DS Ammo, UK Defence Academy

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