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Oshkosh Defense to start production of JLTV Joint Light Tactical Vehicle for U.S. armed forces 12609163.

| 2016
Defence & Security Industry News - Oshkosh Defense
Oshkosh Defense to start production of JLTV Joint Light Tactical Vehicle for U.S. armed forces.
The American Company Oshkosh Defense will start the first production of its JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) with a delivery by the end of September 2016 to the U.S. armed forces. The Oshkosh JLTV will replace US Army and Marine Corps armored HMMWVs which are in service since many years.
In March 2016, the U.S. Army awarded Oshkoh Defense a $243 million contract to build 675 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV) by December 2024. This contract represent the first wave of an award that could net Oshkosh Corp., the state's largest federal contractor, $30 billion over the next 25 years.

The U.S. JLTV programme fills a critical capability gap by replacing a large portion of the legacy uparmored HMMWV fleet with a modern light protected vehicle. The JLTV provides unprecedented protection and off-road mobility, as well as transportability via air, land and sea. The U.S. JLTV production contract calls for Oshkosh to deliver a total of approximately 17,000 fully integrated vehicles, as well as kits and services over an eight-year period, with the first vehicle delivery in October 2016.

The Oshkosh JLTV delivers the latest in automotive technologies, the Oshkosh Core1080™ crew protection system, and the Oshkosh TAK-4i™ intelligent independent suspension system to provide the ultimate combination of protection and mobility.

The JLTV Family of Vehicles is comprised of two variants, a two seat and a four seat variant, as well as a companion trailer. The two seat variant has one base vehicle platform, the Utility. The four seat variant has two base vehicle platforms, the General Purpose and the Close Combat Weapons Carrier. The JLTV-General Purpose is also available in a Heavy Guns Carrier configuration.

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