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Russian MoD orders trial batch of 10 2S35 Koalitsia-SV SPHs.

| 2017

The Russian Defense Ministry and Burevestnik Research Institute signed a contract for the delivery of a trial batch of ten latest self-propelled artillery guns Koalitsia-SV (Coalition), the ministry said on Sept. 5 on its website.

Russian MoD orders trial batch of 10 2S35 Koalitsia SV SPH
A 2S35 Koalitsia-SV self-propelled howitzer at RAE 2015

"Government acceptance tests of Koalitsia-SV artillery gun will be completed in 2019. At present a state contract has been signed with the producer on the delivery of a test batch of ten pieces for operation in the troops," it said.

Serial supplies of the gun are scheduled for 2020.

The 2S35 Koalitsia-SV self-propelled artillery gun is to replace 2S19 cannon Msta-S. It is to be armed with a new separate-loaded 152mm shell. A remote-controlled combat module with 12.7mm machinegun is mounted on top of the gun and smoke dischargers 902B Tucha are on the sides.

The 2S35 gun presented in May 2015 was mounted on T-72/90 undercarriage although the Armata platform is supposed to be used in future. All crew actions are reflected on displays of a single control panel. Pneumatic loading mechanism increased the firing speed of 2S35. Koalitsia-SV can automatically select the type of a shell and fire it.


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