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Belgian army EBRC Jaguars to be armed with MBDA Akeron MP anti-tank missiles.

| 2023

Belgium has announced the purchase of 761 Akeron MP anti-tank missiles (formerly known as Medium-Range Missile or MMP) from MBDA France to equip its 60 future EBRC Jaguar reconnaissance vehicles and replace the currently used Spike missiles. This decision underscores Belgium's commitment to the Franco-Belgian defense partnership, which has been evident through several major orders from the French defense industry in recent years.
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EBRC Jaguar (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Akeron MP missile, manufactured by the European armaments group MBDA, will replace the Spike missile, a 4th-generation anti-tank weapon developed by the Israeli company Rafael, in a "Europeanized" version marketed by the German firm EuroSpike GmbH. The Spike system is not expected to be retired from the Belgian army until at least 2030. The introduction of the MMP system, both in dismounted and embarked (on vehicles) configurations, is gradually planned to begin in 2026, as stated by the Belgian Defense Minister, Mrs Ludivine Dedonder. She emphasized the need for sufficient resources to be provided for training and operational deployment while the Spike system is still in use.

According to the minister, 761 MMP missiles were ordered in 2022, with an initial partial delivery expected by late 2025 or early 2026, followed by additional deliveries in the periods 2026-2027 and 2028-2029. However, she did not provide specific financial details for these orders.

The transition of units to using the MMP system will occur progressively. The first battalion will be converted to MMP in 2026 and is expected to achieve the "initial operational capability" (IOC) stage in 2027. These new missiles will be used to equip the Jaguar armored reconnaissance and combat vehicles, of which Belgium has purchased 60 units from France as part of the CaMo (Motorized Capability) project. This program also includes the acquisition of 382 multi-role light armored vehicles, the Griffon.

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