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New variant of Patria 6x6 APC armed with Nemo 120mm mortar system.

| 2023

The Patria 6x6 APC has a new variant, armed with the Patria Nemo 120 mm mortar system, a system designed to meet the requirements of contemporary military operations, with a focus on mobility, protection, and precision. This mortar system, capable of being mounted on various ground and sea platforms for responsive fire support, consists of a turret, a remote-controlled 120 mm mortar, a loading device, a fire control system, and ammunition storage.
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The Patria 6x6 APC can be armed with the Nemo 120mm mortar system (Picture source: Patria)

The system's adaptability allows it to handle both indirect and direct fire missions, as well as Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) tasks, making it suitable for a range of scenarios, from self-defense to various indirect fire missions, with an emphasis on crew protection.

Patria's fire control system, integral to the indirect fire system, ensures readiness for battle and crisis management through a network of sensors and situational awareness tools, enabling sensor-to-shooter operations. A forward observer system identifies targets and provides a comprehensive battlefield view, with fire control plans and missions transmitted via a tactical data network to command and control systems. 

The comprehensive Patria indirect fire system for crisis management comprises weapons, vehicles, and integrated support functions, including tactical weather services, fire control systems, communication systems, and forward observer functions.

The Patria Nemo's lightweight, remote-controlled design allows seamless integration on both land and sea platforms, such as armored vehicles and fast-moving patrol and coastal vessels, offering adaptability for various platforms.

The system's specifications include a 1,900 kg turret with a 360° traverse and an elevation range from -3° to +85°, featuring an electrical laying system with manual backup. The turret is remote-controlled and accommodates a crew of 2-3 members, with onboard ammunition capacity varying based on the carrier.

The armament comprises a 120 mm smoothbore mortar with a 3,000 mm barrel length, an electrical and semi-automatic loading system, and a hydro-pneumatic recoiling system. As secondary armament, it features an integrated Remote Weapon Station (RWS) and smoke launchers.

This 120mm mortar system offers rapid response, with a time to open fire of less than 25 seconds and the ability to fire on the move. It achieves a maximum rate of fire of 10 rounds per minute, with a sustained rate of fire of 6 rounds per minute. The first three rounds can be fired within 15 seconds. Its range extends beyond 10 kilometers, depending on the type of ammunition used, and it can perform Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) with up to 5 rounds on a range of 1.0 to 6.5 kilometers. The Patria Nemo is compatible with all smoothbore mortar ammunition, including standard 120 smoothbore mortar ammunition and smart guided ammunition.

Patria Nemo 6x6 925 002

The modular Patria 6x6 armored vehicle at MSPO 2023 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Patria 6x6 is powered by an inline-five 394hp diesel engine, which generates 1,870 Nm of torque, enabling it to achieve speeds exceeding 100 km/h for a maximum combat weight of 24,000 kg. Its capabilities extend to handling challenging terrains, with a climbing capacity of 60% and the ability to navigate side slopes of up to 30%. Moreover, it can surmount obstacles as high as 0.6 meters and cross trenches with a width of 1.2 meters. For enhanced versatility across various environments, optional features are available for swimming and fording. The vehicle boasts an operational range that exceeds 700 km.

The Patria 6x6 prioritizes crew protection and offers a modular ballistic, mine, and IED-protection system that can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. It provides STANAG level 2 protection, with potential upgrades to level 4 in the future.

In terms of armament and weapon systems, the Patria 6x6 offers flexibility, accommodating various weapon options customized to suit specific mission requirements. Common armament choices include a remotely operated weapon station, machine guns, automatic cannons, anti-tank guided missiles, as well as other anti-aircraft or anti-personnel weaponry. The specific armament and weapon systems installed depend on the customer's specifications.

The vehicle incorporates advanced communication systems, which facilitate information exchange and command-and-control capabilities on the battlefield. It can be seamlessly integrated with various Communication, Command, Control, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems to enhance situational awareness and interoperability.

Thanks to its modular design, the Patria 6x6 can be easily configured to fulfill a range of roles and missions, such as serving as an armored personnel carrier (APC), command vehicle, reconnaissance vehicle, or weapons platform, among others.


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