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Anduril Industries unveils its new AI-driven Pulsar EW System at SOF Week 2024.

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During the Special Operations Forces (SOF) Week 2024, Anduril Industries, an American defense industry company, unveiled "Pulsar," its new electronic warfare system, marking a significant advancement in electronic warfare capabilities. Pulsar, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, is designed to rapidly identify and counter current and future threats across the electromagnetic spectrum, including small and medium-sized drones.

Highly modular, Pulsar (left) can be integrated into ground vehicles Pulsar-V (bottom right) or aircraft Pulsar-A (top right), supporting various electronic warfare mission sets (Picture source: Anduril Industries)

Pulsar is a family of software-defined Electromagnetic Warfare (EW) systems that utilizes AI to quickly adapt to emerging threats. Equipped with onboard computing, machine learning algorithms, and software-defined radios, Pulsar can swiftly deploy new detection and neutralization capabilities in the field.

Highly modular, Pulsar can be integrated into ground vehicles (Pulsar-V) or aircraft (Pulsar-A), supporting various electronic warfare mission sets. It excels in rapid threat identification and response, and its network architecture allows multiple EW systems to coordinate across distributed operations to optimize environmental coverage and geolocate signals of interest.

Pulsar supports a broad range of mission capabilities, including Electronic Countermeasures (ECM), Counter Unmanned Systems (CUxS), Direction Finding, Geolocation, and other advanced EW capabilities. Fixed configurations of Pulsar provide 360-degree or directional detection and denial, offering customized coverage suitable for specific mission requirements and environmental conditions.

The ground vehicle variant, Pulsar-V, can be mounted on various vehicles using a standard NATO mount, while the Pulsar-A is an airborne payload variant adaptable for various manned and unmanned aircraft, enhancing operational flexibility in diverse combat environments.

The system has been operationally deployed across several continents since its initial development in 2020, though specific customer and deployment details remain undisclosed for operational security reasons. Pulsar is also designed to integrate into common and joint electronic warfare and command and control systems.

With its open architecture, Pulsar enables continuous development and integration with third-party providers, maintaining agility and adaptability in the face of new threats and missions. Dominating the electromagnetic spectrum is essential in modern warfare, where drone, counter-drone, and jamming technologies rapidly evolve, as evidenced by the war in Ukraine. The next generation of EW systems, like Pulsar, must enable real-time spectrum understanding and deliver effective countermeasures swiftly across various domains and modalities.

Anduril Industries' introduction of the Pulsar system exemplifies its dedication to advancing defense technology and enhancing capabilities. The system's adaptability for use in various vehicle platforms and stationary settings reflects its broad applicability and innovative design in the field of modern military technology.

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