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Euronaval 2018: High Eye from Netherlands displays maritime version of its HEF 32 unmanned helicopter.

| 2018

At Euronaval 2018, the International Maritime and Naval Defense Exhibition in Paris (France), Netherlands-based Company High Eye displays maritime version of its HEF 32, a long range unmanned helicopter with a two-blade single rotor. High Eye successfully completed test flights on seagoing vessels in April 2018.

High Eye from Netherlands displays maritime version of its HEF 32 unmanned helicopter Euronaval 2018 925 001 Maritime version of High Eye HEF 32 unmanned helicopter at Euronaval 2018 (Picture Source Navy Recognition)

The HEF 32, a VTOL (vertical take-off and land) RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) with an endurance of 4+ hours with a payload of 2 kg (max 5 kg) made between 40 and 50 take offs and landings on a small seagoing vessel to test the UAV for commercial and military maritime missions. The landing spot on board of the vessel was 3 meters by 4 meters. Even at a vessel speed of 15 knots the HEF 32 was able to land and take off from the vessel in different modes.

These tests flights were made on a very small seagoing vessel, specially chartered by High Eye, to develop procedures and gain experience for operations from vessels which are not equipped for helicopter operations. ‘Although our men were completely soaked at the end of the day and the helicopter endured lots of sea water on and around it, the day was a complete success. If we manage to land on such a small and moving surface with these speeds and under these conditions, landing on a helicopter deck of a larger vessel will be easy. We are happy that High Eye proved that its HEF 32 long range VTOL UAV can be of great value for maritime operations worldwide’, says Joost de Ruiter CEO and owner of High Eye.

‘In the remainder of this year several maritime demo’s and pilot flights for navies and coast guards in very different part of the world are planned. High Eye can demonstrate that its HEF 32 with its EMI shielding, IP-67 rating, anodized coating, multi-functional pay load bay, emergency flotation bags and Part 145 maintenance schedule is a safe, reliable and affordable option for maritime and off shore operations’.

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