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French Countermeasures Specialist Lacroix to Exhibit at Sea Air Space for the 1st Time.

| 2018

Lacroix Defense will exhibit for the very first time at the Sea Air Space exhibition where they will showcase the SYLENA MK2 Decoy launcher system and related munitions. The Etienne Lacroix Group,  founded in France in 1848, is a reknown countermeasures and pyrotechnics manufacturer. The Navy League's Sea Air Space 2018 exposition will take place April 9 - 11 2018.

Lacroix Defense Sylena MK2 Adroit Naval Countermeasures Corner Reflectors Seaclad Sealir Sealem Lacroix's SYLENA MK2 decoy launching system ensures superior self-protection of surface vessels.

On display at this inaugural event for Lacroix will be the cutting-edge, compact SYLENA MK2 decoy launching system, which ensures superior self-protection of surface vessels.

Lacroix personnel will be on hand to discuss and demonstrate their range of naval solutions (SYLENA LW, MK 1, MK2 decoy launcher, (EM/IR/Anti-torpedoes ammunition, etc.) to protect all kinds of vessels including fast attack craft, OPV’s, OCV’s, Frigates, etc.

Lighter and more compact than Lacroix’s competitors’ traditional technologies, SYLENA MK2 is particularly suitable for modernizing existing vessels and for equipping new platforms.

Due to its ease of integration, light and compact size, Lacroix's range of decoy launchers have been selected by many Navies worldwide to ensure their protection against existing and emerging complex threats. Lacroix believe this technology is perfectly suited to equip the future FFG(X) ships and that it would be a highly cost-effective solution to retrofit both LCS classes.

Lacroix Defense Sylena MK2 Sea Air Space 2018

Q&A with Renaud Thetiot, Regional Business Development Manager.

You will be attending the Sea Air Space exhibition from April 9th to 11th. What are your outlook in the United States ?

Our company is going to attend Sea Air Space for the 1st time and our goal is to survey the market, showcase our technology and to see how we can provide it to the US forces.
LACROIX has developed a family of decoy launching systems called SYLENA, which utilizes corner reflector technology for missile deception.
This technology is in service in navies throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. As of today, we have orders to equip about thirty ships with SYLENA launchers.
We believe this technology is perfectly suited to equip the future FFGx ships. We also recommend this highly cost-effective solution to retrofit the LCS class program.

What types of products and services will you showcase at the show?

We will be showcasing our various solutions for the protection of military platforms, from armored vehicles to aircraft, helicopters and warships.
For decades, LACROIX has been developing airborne countermeasures, mainly to NATO and French standards. Our countermeasures ensure protection for fighter aircraft, transport aircraft and helicopters against IR and radar guided missiles, including the new emerging generation.
Regarding land forces, LACROIX provides the GALIX smoke grenade system, which enhances armored vehicle survivability with automatic reaction against IR, laser, electro-optic-guided weapons.
Obviously our navy solution, the SYLENA Decoy Launching System, will be the main product to be showcased during Sea Air Space. This system is employed for effective ship protection against old and emerging radar and infrared guided missile generations as well as torpedoes. We will be displaying our SYLENA Mk2 launcher at our booth.

You are going to exhibit at the SAS 2018. What benefits do you expect from your presence at SAS ?

Sea Air Space is a major international event in the USA, and it is definitely a good opportunity to strengthen our presence, confirm our commitment and to be attentive to the future needs of the DoD.
Sea Air Space 2018 is also a truly great opportunity for our aerospace R&D team to discuss “Clean Space” issues with researchers and panelists from IADC and STSC t and the added value of our perforator passivation solution.
Through this event we expect to have an opportunity to present our solutions to potential customers and government delegations. It is also the opportunity to glean market information and demonstrate how our highly effective solutions can fulfill potential requirements.

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