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Russian Navy to Upgrade its Project 21631 Buyan-class Corvettes.

| 2018

The Buyan-class corvettes of project 21631 are to be upgraded with new radio-technical arms and air defense, head of the shipbuilding department of the Russian Navy Rear Admiral Vladimir Tryapichnikov said.

Russian Navy to Upgrade Project 21631 Buyan class CorvettesThe Buyan-M corvette / Project 21631 small rocket ship ‘Vyshny Volochyok’ was commissioned with the Russian Black Sea Fleet

"A total of 12 warships are planned in the series. They will have radio-technical arms and air defense upgraded," he said.

Each corvette undergoes major sea trials. So far five ships were built. Three operate in the Caspian flotilla and two in the Baltic fleet. They are the Grad Sviyazhsk, the Uglich, the Veliky Ustyug, the Serpukhov and the Zeleny Dol.

"Today we hoisted the flag on the sixth corvette, the Vyshny Volochek. The Orekhovo-Zuevo is in a high state of readiness and will be followed by the Ingushetia, the Grad, the Naro-Fominsk plus one more corvette which will be named after another leading Russian city," Tryapichnikov said.

After that the Navy will focus on the construction of blue-water warships and project 22350 frigates will comprise their basis, he added.

Guided missile corvettes of project 21631 are armed with Kalibr missiles (SS-N-27 Sizzler by NATO classification). They are kept in the eight-cell 3S14 vertical launcher. Kalibr strikes with cruise missiles at naval (3M-54) and ground (3M-14) targets. The boats are armed with 100mm artillery guns A-190 and small-caliber antiaircraft artillery AK-630-2 Duet complexes. They also carry launchers of Gibka 3M-47 complex. The length of the corvette is 75 meters, the displacement is 949 tons, the speed is 25 knots. Autonomous navigation is ten days, the range is 2.5 thousand miles. The crew comprises 52 men.

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