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Australian Navy keeps on track the project of SEA 5000 Future Frigate Project.

| 2020

According to an article published by the Australian Naval Daily website on June 3, 2020, the Australian Navy keeps on track the project of SEA 5000 Future Frigate Project that will provide nine Hunter Class frigates optimized for anti-submarine warfare to replace the Anzac Class frigates of the Australian navy. They will be known in service as the Hunter class frigates.
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Australian Navy keeps on track the project of SEA 5000 Future Frigate Project 925 001 Fact sheet of future Hunter-class frigate for Australian Navy. (Picture source Australian Navy)

The Australian Government has approved the initial budget of over $6 billion for the design activity to incorporate the Australian requirements, to conduct prototyping of ship blocks in the new shipyard under construction at Osborne in South Australia, and to order long-lead items for the first three ships.

The Hunter Class will provide the Australian Defence Force with the highest levels of lethality and deterrence our major surface combatants need in periods of global uncertainty. They will have the capability to conduct a variety of missions independently, or as part of a task group, with sufficient range and endurance to operate effectively throughout the region. The frigates will also have the flexibility to support non-warfare roles such as humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

Incorporating the leading-edge Australian-developed CEA Phased-Array Radar and the US Navy’s Aegis combat management system, with an Australian interface developed by Saab Australia, the Hunter Class will be one of the most capable warships in the world.

The Hunter Class frigates will be built by ASC Shipbuilding at the Osborne Naval Shipyard. ASC Shipbuilding, currently wholly owned by the Commonwealth, will become a subsidiary of BAE Systems during the build.

The Hunter-class frigate will be an Australian variation of the Type 26 class frigate that is to be operated by the Royal Navy from the mid-2020s. The class will have an 8,800-tonne (8,700-long-ton; 9,700-short-ton) full load displacement and will be approximately 150 meters (490 ft) in length. The vessel will be capable of sailing in excess of 27 knots (50 km/h; 31 mph) and will have a full complement of 180 crew.

The Hunter-class frigate will be armed with one 5-inch 54 caliber Mark 45 Mod 4 dual-purpose gun, Mark 41 Vertical Launch System able to fire RIM-66 Standard 2 and RIM-162 ESSM missiles, 2 x 4-canister advanced anti-ship missiles, two Phalanx CIWS, 2 × 30mm short-range gun systems and MU90 Impact torpedoes.

The Hunter-class frigate will be able to carry one MH-60R ASW helicopter and has the ability to host other Australian aircraft such as the MRH90 helicopter. Mission Bay can store additional helicopter or unmanned systems.

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