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In 2019 the Baltic Fleet was replenished with ships and latest military equipment.

| 2020

The Baltic Fleet is the fleet of the Russian Navy in the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Fleet is headquartered in Kaliningrad and its main base in Baltiysk, both in Kaliningrad Oblast, and another base in Kronshtadt, Saint Petersburg in the Gulf of Finland.

In 2019 the Baltic Fleet was replenished with ships and latest military equipment 925 001 Russian small missile ship "Sovetsk" (Picture source: Russian MoD)

In 2019, the Baltic Fleet included the small missile ship "Sovetsk", armed with high-precision missiles "Kalibr", and the large hydrographic boat "Alexander Evlanov".

Fully re-equipped and has already conducted shooting the latest air defence system "Tor-M2" anti-aircraft missile regiment of the army corps. In total, the Fleet received dozens of items of modern military equipment.

There are also favourable changes in the social sphere. New and renovated barracks, canteens and sports complexes are being put into service. Hundreds of military personnel and their families celebrated housewarming in service and acquired property apartments. The provision of permanent housing is carried out under the programs of subsidies and mortgage lending. In total, this year about 500 apartments and individual residential houses for military personnel were purchased.

Established 18 May 1703, under Tsar Peter the Great as part of the Imperial Russian Navy, the Baltic Fleet is the oldest Russian Navy formation. In 1918 the fleet was inherited by the Russian SFSR then the Soviet Union in 1922, where it was eventually known as the Twice Red Banner Baltic Fleet as part of the Soviet Navy, as during this period it gained the two awards of the Order of the Red Banner. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Baltic Fleet was inherited by the Russian Federation and reverted to its original name as part of the Russian Navy.

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