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French Customs Order OCEA FPB 100 MKII Patrol Boats.

| 2020

The French shipyard OCEA, specialized in design, building and integrated logistic support of aluminium vessels, announced on January 20th the signing of a new contract for the French Customs.

French Customs Order OCEA FPB 100 MKII Patrol Boats 925 001 A CGI of the OCEA FPB 100 MKII patrol boat ordered by the French Customs (Picture source: OCEA)

Two new OCEA FPB 100 MKII patrol boats have been ordered for Saint-Martin and Kourou, with an effective delivery date scheduled for early 2021. A third ship could also be ordered for Dunkerque.

The French Customs included for the first time in this 6 years contract support and maintenance services in the area of operation of the vessels.

The new patrol boats are very similar to the two vessels currently under the building at OCEA Shipyard: the DF 34 KALADJA (to be delivered soon in Pointe-à-Pitre) and the DF 35 SOKAN (to be positioned in Fort-de-France).

In addition to the highest performances, the French Customs requested some changes for these new ships and among them:

- The installation of a larger and faster RHIB: 7 m / 35 knots
- The integration of an unmanned aerial vehicle (rotary-wing) to increase the surveillance capabilities of the patrol boats
- The installation of a surveillance camera with higher performances for night vision

These vessels will allow the French Customs to participate in the commitments of the Paris Agreements by reducing the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 30% compared with equivalent steel-hulled vessels.

In terms of specifications, OCEA FPB 100 MKII patrol boats have a total length of 32 m. With a cruising speed of 28 knots, the OCEA FPB 100 MKII patrol boats offer a range of 600 nm at 18 knots with a three-days endurance. The boat can accommodate 10 crew members + 4 passengers.

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