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Long-range anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142MZ is being tested after scheduled repair.

| 2020

On January 14, 2020, the long-range Tu-142MZ long-range anti-submarine aircraft repaired at the enterprise made its first flight in Taganrog (onboard “53 black”). After passing all the necessary tests, the Tu-142MZ will be transferred to the naval aviation of the Navy.

Long range anti submarine aircraft Tu 142MZ is being tested after scheduled repair 925 001 Tu-142MZ anti-submarine aircraft (Picture source: UAC)

PJSC "TANTK named after GM Beriev" continues the scheduled repair of long-range anti-submarine aircraft of the Tu-142 family of the Russian Navy.

Carrying out scheduled repairs allows you to extend the life of the upgraded aircraft so that they can remain in combat formation for a long time.

Tu-142MZ - modification of the long-range anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142M equipped with a more effective radio-acoustic system and a complex of electronic countermeasures. Serial production of the Tu-142M aircraft and its modifications was carried out in Taganrog in 1977-1994.

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