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Russian Navy Gremyashchy corvette of project 20385 acceptance trials with naval aviation.

| 2020

The Russian naval aviation of the Baltic fleet landed on the Gremyashchy corvette of project 20385 to promote acceptance trials of the warship, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The helicopters landed a dozen times on the corvette in motion, drift and anchored.
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Russian Navy Gremyashchy corvette of project 20385 acceptance trials with naval aviation 925 001Russian Navy Gremyashchy corvette of project 20385. (Picture source Twitter account SeaWaves Magazine)

“The pilots tested the aviation complex. Seaborne helicopters of the Baltic fleet circled the corvette and landed on it in various weather day and night. The trials engaged Ka-27 helicopters,” it said.

The corvette previously fired Kalibr and Onix missiles at coastal and sea targets in the White Sea. In the Barents Sea, it fired artillery guns A-190 and AK-630 at air targets and trained torpedo launches at underwater and surface targets.

The Gremyashchy is the lead corvette of project 20385 laid by Severnaya verf Shipyard on February 1, 2012 and floated in June 2017. It was built for the Pacific fleet and will be the first carrier of Kalibr missiles there.

Project 20385 was designed by the Almaz bureau. Multirole corvettes have to detect and destroy submarines and surface warships, support landing operations and engage in various brown-water missions. The displacement is 2500 tons, the length is 106 meters, the width — 13 meters, the speed is 27 knots, the cruising range is 4000 miles, cruising capacity is 15 days and the crew comprises 99 men. There is a hangar for Ka-27 helicopter. The corvette is armed with the universal Kalibr launchers, antiaircraft Redut missiles, antisubmarine Paket complex, 100mm artillery gun A-190-01, and two 30mm AK-6230M guns.

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