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Supacat and Marell Boats partner to deliver high speed patrol vessel for police and military operations.

| 2021

UK prime contractor, Supacat, has signed an MOU with Marell Boats of Sweden to offer Marell’s high-speed aluminium M15 patrol boat to meet police and military requirements for intercept, patrol, and support boats.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 This partnership offers the latest Marell M15 vessel, which has a top speed of 50 knots and will achieve a reduced fuel consumption at 40 knots. The M15 vessel can maneuver easily at either high or low speed, built to traverse the water seamlessly, making it the ideal vessel for the police and military operations (Picture source: Supacat)

Supacat and Marell Boats are bidding the Marell M15, which has set new standards for high-speed vessels and is proven in service with the Stockholm Sea Police, for the UK Metropolitan Police’s requirement for a vessel to operate on the Thames Estuary and Inshore Waters.  Further procurement opportunities will be targeted with the UK MoD and other UK Police Forces with access to waterways, as well as requirements in other countries.

The partnership is offering the latest Marell M15 powered by three Volvo Penta D6-440 DPI engines.  The addition of a third engine increases the Marell M15’s acceleration and its top speed from 40 to 50 knots while maintaining low fuel consumption at 40 knots.  It has exceptional manoeuvrability both at high and low speed and runs completely dry with sea spray directed to the side of the boat at all speeds.  The additional absence of a hump ensures the helmsman maintains a clear view in front.

The high forward deck and low aft deck provide an ideal platform for patrolling, surveillance, interception and boarding.  The aft deck can carry extra loads or watercraft, or serve as a helicopter launch platform.

Marell Boats is unique in building its boats upright in a jig making production of the hulls highly accurate.  Quality is further increased by the transvers and longitudinal frames being keyed into each other so that the vessels are built to very tight tolerances.

Phil Applegarth, Director of Supacat, said, “Supacat’s experience of military, government and non-defence applications combined with Marell’s expertise in high-speed aluminium boats make a perfect match to grow a common business in the UK defence and security market, as well as in other markets such as the Commonwealth”.

Gerard Törneman, Global Sales, Marell Boats Sweden AB, said, “We are thrilled to work with all the experienced people at Supacat.  They are easy to work with and have a great market attitude in supporting the customer from initial project phase to aftermarket services”.

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