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| 2022
AMV35 8x8 combat reconnaisance armoured vehicle
The AMV35 is an 8x8 combat reconnaissance armoured vehicle jointly developed by the Defence Companies Patria and BAE Systems. In September 2015, these companies have submitted a bid for the Australian Army’s Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV) program, 225 vehicles in seven role variants based on a combat proven vehicle platform and weapon system. The vehicle combines Patria’s AMV vehicle and BAE Systems Hägglunds’ E35 turret systems. The vehicle integrates the combat-proven CV9035 turret from BAE Systems Hagglunds onto a modern, agile, highly protected military-off-the-shelf (MOTS) Patria Armoured Modular Vehicle (AMV). In the Land 400 Phase 2 program, the existing Australian Light Armored Vehicles (ASLAV) will be replaced with new armoured reconnaissance vehicles. With a budget of about AUD10 billion (USD7.1 billion), Project Land 400 will provide replacements under Phase 2 for the army's ageing ASLAV light armoured vehicles and under Phase 3 for its upgraded M113AS4 armoured personnel carriers (APCs). In September 2014, Patria and BAE Systems Australia announced a teaming agreement to participate in tendering for the Australian Army’s Land 400 Phase 2 program for Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles. BAE Systems Australia is the prime contractor and system integrator in the program, while Patria is responsible for the vehicle platform and BAE Systems Hägglunds provides the E35 turreted weapon systems. In September 2015 as a result of highly successful close cooperation the companies submitted their bid offering the AMV35 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle to the Land 400 program.
Technical Data
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The AMV35 will be fitted with BAE Systems-Hägglunds’ E35 turret which is used on the tracked armoured vehicle CV90 family, which is called CV9035. The BAE Systems E35 is a two-man turret armed with a 35mm dual-feed automatic cannon Bushmaster III which has a rate of fire 150 - 200 rds/min. The CV9035 has 2 belts of 35 rounds each loaded in the main gun, which is what should be expected from the AMV 35 CRV as well. A total of 140 further rounds are stored inside the CV9035, a similar number of additional ammunition might be stored in the AMV 35 CRV.A 7.62mm coaxial machine is mounted to the left side of the main armament. The turret also carries six 76-mm grenade launchers, which are arranged in two clusters of three launchers mounted on each side of the turret. The grenade launchers are intended for smoke grenades, but can also be loaded with a variety of combat grenades. The turret can traverse 360° with an elevation from -8° to +37°.
Design and protection
The AMV35 is based on the chassis of the AMV Patria which has been developed by Patria Vehicles in close co-operation with the Finnish Defence Force. The hull of the AMV is of all-welded steel construction that provides the occupants with protection from small arms fire and shell splinters. To this, an additional layer of passive armour can be added to provide a higher level of protection. The AMV35 has the power pack front right, driver front left, the turret is in the middle and the troops compartment at the rear. The turret is a welded steel construction which is fitted with additional modules of composite armor and the SAAB Universal Tank and Anti-Aircraft Sight (UTAAS) fire control system.
The AMV35 features full 8 × 8 drive with power steering on the front four wheels. Suspension is of the hydro-pneumatic type with height adjustment being an option. Steering is power-assisted on the front two wheels. The standard version of the AMV Patria is motorized with a dual power DI 12 Scania diesel engine produces 360kW and 1,974Nm torque coupled to a ZF Ecomat 7HP902 automatic transmission with forward 7and 1 reverse gears. The vehicle can also be fitted with other diesel engines like Caterpillar, Cummins, MTU to suit the logistic requirements of the customer country. The vehicle can run at a maximum road speed of 100 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 800 km. The vehicle can negotiate gradients up to 60%, side slope of 30% fording depth of 1.5m without preparation. It can cross a trench of 2 m width and a vertical obstacle of 0.7m.
The E35 turret is fitted with a computerized fire control solution, new programmable ammunition, a commander's independent sight achieving hunter-killer capability, higher protection against top-attack munitions and mines through a new armor package, third generation FLIR, and a defensive aids suite with laser warning receivers and smoke launchers. Standard equipment on Patria AMV includes a fire detection and suppression system, NBC system, air conditioning system, central tyre inflation system, radios, intercom and night vision equipment.
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One 35mm automatic cannon, and one 7.62mm coaxial machine gun
Country users
Project for Australia
Designer Country
Finland - Sweden
Computerized fire control solutio
Protection against firing of small arms fire and shell splinters
? kg
100 km/h
800 km
Length: ? m; Width: ? m; Height: ? m
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AMV35 combat reconnaissance 8x8 armoured vehicle technical data sheet description specifications information identification pictures photos images Australia Australian army
AMV35 combat reconnaissance 8x8 armoured vehicle technical data sheet description specifications information identification pictures photos images Australia Australian army
AMV35 combat reconnaissance 8x8 armoured vehicle technical data sheet description specifications information identification pictures photos images Australia Australian army
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