BAE Systems has delivered 250th upgraded M113 APC to Brazil

BAE Systems has delivered the 250th upgraded M113 Armored Personnel Vehicle (APC) to the Brazilian Army. BAE Systems is currently upgrading Brazil's M113B vehicles to the A2 MK1 standard. Upgrades include new engines, upgraded transmissions, a new electronics architecture, and better armor protection. The upgrade is expected to extend each vehicle's life by at least 20 years.

BAE Systems has delivered 250th upgraded M113 APC to Brazil M113A2 Mk1 Brazilian army 925 001
Upgraded M113 tracked APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) of Brazilian army at LAAD defense exhibition in April 2013.

The M113 upgrade program dates back to 2010 when Brazil first initiated a program to upgrade 150 M113Bs. BAE Systems was awarded a $41.9 million contract in December 2011 to upgrade 150 vehicles. A follow-on deal was signed in July 2015 worth $55 million to upgrade a further 236 M113s, bringing the total up to 386.

The first two upgraded M113Bs were redelivered in November 2013 and the 100th vehicle was completed in December 2014. The program was expected to be completed by September 2017. However, with 136 vehicles still left to be delivered, BAE Systems will likely need another two years to complete the program.

The largest family of armored tracked vehicles in the world, the M113 family of vehicles includes more than 80,000 vehicles in the militaries of at least 44 countries worldwide. The M113, one of the most versatile of military tracked vehicles, can transport 12 troops plus a driver and is capable of amphibious operation, extended cross-country travel over rough terrain, and high-speed operation on improved roads and highways. The ongoing improvements and upgrades to the system help maintain the M113’s relevance for the next three to four decades.