First modernized TOS-1A flamethrowers to be supplied this month

The Transport Machine-Building enterprise in Omsk of Uralvagonzavod Company of Rostec State Corporation modernized heavy TOS-1A flamethrowers on orders of the defense ministry and their first batch will be handed over to the military this month, the press service of the company said.

first tos 1a modernized delivered november 925 001 The TOS-1A uses BM-1 combat vehicle components based on the chassis of the Russian-made T-72 main battle tank.

"The Omsk enterprise of transport machine-building modernized heavy TOS-1A flamethrowers on orders of the defense ministry. Both the exterior and internal equipment has changed. The first batch of upgraded TOS-1A will be supplied to the customer by the end of the month," it said. The flamethrower got a new launcher and its transloader received a crane.

The Omsktransmash upgraded the first TOS-1A last year and received a permission from the defense ministry for capital repairs of the combat vehicles. The enterprise said it was for the first time engaged in such major work for the defense ministry. "Our experts fully mastered all the necessary operations and improved their skills with each vehicle. Today we are the only company capable of rapidly doing the job with high quality," Omsktransmash CEO Igor Lobov said.

The TOS-1A is in service with the Russian armed forces. Heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A is an effective mean of thermobaric and volume-detonating ammunition. High accuracy calculation of firing angle for unguided rockets allocates targets of the impact point on the area in a way that makes it possible to cover a target densely at 6 seconds of full salvo duration at the maximum range of 6000 m. It allows suppressing enemy active actions for a long time period at considerable areas and 100% destruction of unconcealed enemy personnel at the area of 40000 square meters.

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