Rwanda army SH-3 122mm self-propelled howitzer not PLZ-89

According a an article released on Army Recognition website November 20, 2017, we want to change the information about the new artillery system uses by the Rwandan armed forces, it was not the PLZ-89 but a newer artillery howitzer called SH-3. The turret is very similar but the vehicle is based on different tracked chassis.

Rwanda army SH 3 122mm tracked self propelled armoured howitzer not PLZ 89 925 001
Armed Forces of Rwanda use Chinese-made SH-3 122mm tracked self-propelled howitzer during live firing military exercise on November 10, 2017 (Source picture Paul Kagame Flickr account)

The SH-3 is the export name of the WMZ322 a modernized version of the PLZ-89. The turret of the WMZ322 is very similar to the PLZ-89 using the same armament which consists of one of one Type 89 122mm 32-calibre howitzer gun barrel developed from the Type 85 122mm towed howitzer.

Another feature to identify the WMZ322 is that the driver is located at the front left of the hull while for the PLZ-89, there two hatches, with driver at the same place but with the commander hatch just behind its position.

The WMZ322 is equipped with a new engine based on a German-made DEUTZ 1015 engine to offer more mobility and there is also an automatic firing control system which includes a digital firing control computer, day/night optical sight and laser range finder to increase the fire power and accuracy for the onboard artillery gun system.

Rwanda army SH 3 122mm tracked self propelled armoured howitzer not PLZ 89 925 002
Chinese-made PLZ-89 122mm self-propelled howitzer (Picture source Internet)