Feeding troops: Technic Export's TEX 250HJ mobile field bakery at ShieldAfrica 2017

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Technic Export at ShieldAfrica 2017
Feeding troops: Technic Export's TEX 250HJ mobile field bakery at ShieldAfrica 2017
The France-based company Technic Export, a world leader in trailerized field bakeries, chose ShieldAfrica 2017 to perform a live demonstration of one famous member of its portfolio, the TEX 250HJ. The trailerized field bakery “250 HJ type” makes possible bread baking in military operations or natural disaster conditions.
ShieldAfrica Abidjan Defense Security Exhibition 2017 46Technic Export feeding ShieldAfrica visitors thanks to its TEX 250HJ mobile field bakery
Baking with the trailerized field bakery includes the different steps involved in the process: kneading, weighing, manual forming, fermentation (rising), baking and natural cooling.

The trailerized field bakery is specially designed to subsist to the need for bread of the soldiers deployed in operation. The system is fully autonomous for power thanks to a built in diesel generator.

The complete unit is fitted on a single axle trailer, completed with a semi automatic deployed protection tarpauline on his surround. The unit is compact and can be deployed in less than 10 minutes.

If transport by road is not possible in a disaster area or because of weather conditions, the trailerized field bakery can be airlifted to the site by helicopter.

The TEX 250HJ field bakery has a baking capacity of 22 kg of bread in one hour, or 176 kg on bread in 8 hours. In 8 hours, this field bakery can provide enough bread to feed 300 men per day. The TEX 250HJ can also provide up to 6,000 breads in its “crisis configuration” (functional 24/7).