Hutchinson showcases its capabilities at ShieldAfrica 2017 52701172

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Hutchinson at ShieldAfrica 2017
Hutchinson showcases its capabilities at ShieldAfrica 2017
French company Hutchinson Defense and Mobility Division showcases its capabilities at Shield Africa 2017. Hutchinson has developed essential solutions for the protection of the crews and their equipment: runflat inserts and wheels, ballistic fuel tank self-sealing protection, tire protection, track pads, etc,..
Hutchinson showcases its capabilities at ShieldAfrica 2017 640 001The Hutchinson Tire Saver Shield (Photo Army Recognition)
For more than 80 years, Hutchinson has been designing and engineering products that are guaranteed to provide enhanced protection for wheeled and tracked vehicles.

Hutchinson is proudly offering its service to many vehicles manufacturers and Armies in the world, including several ones in Africa.

In addition to its various range of advanced and high performance Tactical Wheels and mobility and runflat systems, Hutchinson continues to develop new products such as its most recent advancements in protection: the Safetank, a self sealing kit solution for fuel tank and tanker, and the Tire Saver Shield, to protect tire sidewall from punctures.