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Nexter Systems at ShieldAfrica 2017
Nexter Systems' Titus multirole armored vehicle starring at ShieldAfrica
At this 4th edition of ShieldAfrica international exhibition, the French defense and security contractor Nexter Systems is placing a special emphasis on the newest member of its armored vehicles portfolio: the Titus 6x6 multirole armored vehicle.
ShieldAfrica Abidjan Defense Security Exhibition 2017 14Nexter Systems' Titus multirole armored vehicle showcased at ShieldAfrica 2017
Two years after having sold its Aravis 4x4 vehicle to the armed forces of Gabon, Nexter Systems is more focused than ever on West African countries to find a first export customer for its Titus armored vehicle.

Thanks to its modular design, the Titus could perfectly match the Ivory Coast armed forces needs. Proposed in different variants, the Titus would be able to replace a fleet composed of ageing i.a. VAB and M3 Panhard APCs, and Soviet-era BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles.

The Nexter Titus can be equipped with any kind of Remote Control Weapon Station from 7.62mm to 20mm, and 40mm Grenade Launchers as well, depending on the level of threats and type of missions.

The front part of the vehicle and the windows provide a protection against small arms firing and shell splinters, Level 1, STANAG 4569 and Level 2 for the crew and soldiers compartment able to withstand a 50 kg IED blast. The TITUS can be fitted with add-on armour to increase the protection to Level 3 for the engine bonnet and armoured glasses, and Level 4 for the crew and soldiers compartment, with IED protection of 150 kg blast, increased by the original Nexter SAFEPRO design.

The Nexter Titus is powered by a Cummins 500 Hp engine coupled to an automatic gearbox with six forward and one reverse speeds.