SOFINS 2021: Ouvry showcases CBRN protection equipments

A Lyon-based SME specializing in the design and manufacture of latest generation CBRN protection and decontamination systems, Ouvry develops its products in partnership with end users to meet their operational needs. These innovative products are intended for all types of operators: soldiers, Special Forces, pilots, deminers, law enforcement, firefighters, first responders, Civil Security, critical infrastructure and transport services. The French company showcases CBRN protection equipments during the Special Forces Exhibition, SOFINS.

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CBRN Protective Suit (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Mask FM53

Developed to face the multiple threats encountered in the field, it is dedicated to specialized applications where the operator is faced with unstable situations. It can switch from negative pressure (cartridge) to positive (ARI) in less than 2 seconds. FM53 is a single mask for positive and negative protection.


New contaminated victim evacuation bag, specially designed for transporting contaminated casualties from the field to the PMA, while allowing and performing medical procedures emergency during transport. Ensures containment of contamination to prevent contamination of personnel, vehicle or aircraft used to extract the victim.

TFI (Intervention Forces Uniform) and OBOOTS overboots

It is a filtering suit that protects against CBRN agents in liquid, vapor and aerosol form for 24 hours according to NATO recommendations. Lightweight, ergonomic and very robust, it provides optimal comfort and protection adapted to operational needs. Adopted by special forces, intervention teams, RESCO, CTLO. The TFI can be completed with the new French OBOOTS overboots which guarantee optimum protection against liquids, comfort and high resistance to heat.

TFI® Training overall must only be used for instruction or training purposes. This overall does not protect against CBRN threats

The materials used for the conception of this overall have equivalent characteristics to the TFI ® CBRN operational overall. The training overall has the same weight and grants the user the same thermal comfort. Thanks to these materials, operating costs can be reduced as the overall can be used several times and is easy to wash.