162 multipurpose trucks delivered to 11th Armored Cavalry Brigade of Ecuador Army 3004154

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162 multipurpose trucks delivered to 11th Armored Cavalry Brigade of Ecuador Army
Ecuadorian Minister of National Defence, Fernando Cordero, participated, on Saturday April 25, to the delivery of 162 multipurpose vehicles to the 11th Armored Cavalry Brigade "Galapagos". He said that the acquisition of these vehicles means more security for the country and its people and better conditions for the Ecuadorian Army to make their work more efficiently, effectively and in safety conditions.
162 multipurpose trucks delivered to 11th Armored Cavalry Brigade from Ecuador Army162 chinese-made HOWO-series vehicles have been delivered to the 11th Armored Cavalry Brigade

The vehicles will be used primarily for activities related to risk management, among others: public support missions, patrols, illegal activity control operations. They will also fulfill the historic mission of the Ecuadorian Armed Forces, which is to protect the country from external threats and defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, said Cordero.

National Defense Minister spoke over the difficult work achieved by the Armed Forces and that is reflected in the 52 355 anti-crime patrols, the 8,652 operations to counter fuel smuggling in the border areas, the seizure of 1,984 weapons of differently caliber, as well as 323,834 pieces of ammunition and 93,026 pieces of explosives. Moreover, army collaborated in the past five years, in the seizure of more than 300 tons of narcotics and psychotropic substances.

Trucks and buses delivered in Riobamba are part of the 709 acquired at a value of $81 million and will serve to recovery efforts, rescue, evacuation, protection and assistance to populations affected by natural disasters as well as to fulfill tasks of public safety support and border control. The 709 HOWO-series vehicles were procured from the China National Heavy Duty Truck Import and Export Corporation (CNHTC)

Among the vehicles delivered we found: 4×4, 6×6 and 5 tons trucks, tankers, vans and buses that will serve military personnel to accomplish optimally their missions.

The purchase of these vehicles is part of the Government policy to address and refurbish the operational capacity of the armed forces. Since 7 years, US $1,718 million have been invested for the Ecuadorian Armed Force; almost six times the $307 million invested by four governments between 2000 and 2006.

Until 2017, it is expected to invest in the purchase of 18 subsonic aircraft, 12 supersonic planes, 7 helicopters, 3 logistics warehouses for the Air Force and $240 million to refurbish two submarines, which will be the most modern in the region. 10 Coast Guard boats, 8 speedboats 8 and 6 drones have allready been acquired for the Navy.