Russian Strategic Missile Force unveiled Listva vehicle at Army 2018

Russia’s Strategic Missile Force unveiled the Listva remote-controlled mine-clearance vehicle to the public at the Army 2018 international military and technical forum.

Russian Strategic Missile Force unveiled Listva demining vehicle at Army 2018
The Listva is a mine-detector and mine-destructor vehicle, also very efficient against IEDs (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"The remote-controlled mine-clearance vehicle was developed to increase the survivability and protection level of ground-mobile missile systems on combat patrol routes and in the field, breach minefields and remove remote-controlled explosive devices," the press office said.

The combat effectiveness of the Listva system was checked. During the check, systems of the type deactivated explosive devices and then they were delivered to missile large units. The vehicle was developed specifically for the Strategic Missile Force and proved its effectiveness during a command post exercise involving the Novosibirsk-based missile large unit. The Listva vehicle’s electronics can detect mines and IEDs at a distance of 100 meters within a 30° sector.

Strategic Missile Force engineering units are planning to receive more than 300 items of engineering equipment before 2020, including obstacle-clearing vehicles, heavy mechanized bridges, excavators, truck cranes and some other vehicles. Wheeled road-building vehicles developed specifically for the Strategic Missile Force will make up more than 50 percent of the engineering materiel to be delivered.