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EDEX 2018: NIMR displays Ajban 420 4x4 armored vehicle.

| 2018

Nimr is presenting its Ajban 420 at EDEX 2018, as a member of the large Ajban family or 4x4 armored vehicles. 

EDEX 2018 NIMR displays Ajban 420 4x4 armored vehicle
NIMR Ajban 420 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Ajban Class of 4x4 vehicles manufactured by MIMR provides a multipurpose platform for all military requirements at 9,000 kg capacity from utility vehicles to fully protected patrol vehicles. A universal 4x4 chassis is utilised for a common logistic basis to minimize training, maintenance and spare parts management. All vehicles in the Ajban Class can be protected, and specific protected models are included for crew survivability with fully tested and certified cabins. The Ajban family gathers several variants: Ajban 420, Ajban 440, Ajban 440A (to be armed with anti-tank guided missiles), Ajban 450, Ajban ISV Internal Security Vehicle, Ajban LRSOV Special Operations Vehicle (SOV), and Ajban VIP.

The company NIMR Automotive LLC. is a manufacturer and produces a APC's series, named Nimr, being the first military vehicles constructor in the United Arab Emirates. In 2011 construction began on a new factory within the Tawazun Industrial Park in Abu Dhabi, including facilities for all research and development, production, and marketing of the NIMR. A secondary metal fabrication plant was set up in Al Ain, UAE. NIMR’s Production Facility is located on an area of 37,500 Sq/m in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates.

In July 2012 it was disclosed that Algeria and the United Arab Emirates signed an agreement to jointly produce NIMR armoured vehicles in Algeria. Under the CKD, these agreement between the Algerian Ministry of Defence's Mechanical Industry Promotion Group and Tawazun Holdings of the UAE, the NIMR-Algerie Joint Stock Company was established to produce 4x4 armoured station wagon variants.

In June 2014 NIMR Automotive held a ground-breaking ceremony for its new integrated facility for production of NIMR vehicles at the Tawazun Industrial Park in Abu Dhabi. The facility, which will have a built-up area of 37,500 square meters in addition to a test track and service centre, was scheduled to be fully operational by December 2015.

In December 2014, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government announced the creation of a national state-controlled defence group (Emirates Defence Industries Company (EDIC) through the merger of some of the military organisations in the Mubalada Development Company, Tawazun Holdings, and Emirates Advanced Investments Group (EAIG). NIMR Automotive LLC is a defence vehicle manufacturer that provides a portfolio of products to address the various needs of armed forces and internal security organisations around the world. NIMR is a member of the Abu Dhabi Government owned Emirates Defence Industries Company (EDIC). NIMR delivers highly capable wheeled military vehicles that are designed for harsh environments, across a diverse scope of mission requirements, which are designed, manufactured and assembled entirely in the UAE. NIMR’s range of 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles are available in armoured or non-armoured configurations, with modular configurable crew capacity and payload.


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