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Lacroix ready to provide Egyptian Armed Forces with full range of countermeasures.

| 2018

Lacroix is proud to announce its participation in the 1st edition of the Egypt Defense Expo (EDEX) being held December 3rd–6th in Cairo, and is be showcasing in the French Pavilion, headed by COGES - GICAT. In line with its lasting commitment to serving the Egyptian Navy and Army, Lacroix is exhibiting its latest combined detection-reaction solution, dedicated to vehicle self-protection.

Lacroix ready to provide Egyptian Armed Forces with full range of countermeasures 001
A UAE Armed Forces Nimr 4x4 armored vehicle fitted with Lacroix's Galix AOS
(Picture source: Lacroix Defense)

The GALIX AOS (Automatic Obscuration System) coupled with Laser Warning Detectors enable automatic deployment of GALIX munitions -guaranteed non-toxic - to instantaneously mask vehicles against all visible and IR wave lengths of guided missiles.

This solution has been recently presented at the Forum Innovation Défense in Paris, and is also being offered to the Egyptian Armed Forces as it is perfectly suited to their vehicle retrofitting requirements and new equipment programs: combat tanks, armored vehicles, APC, LUV, etc.

In the heart of the French Pavilion, stand 1771, Lacroix will be demonstrating its vision of soft kill vehicle self-protection through an immersive 3D demonstration.

The protection system comprises a laser warning detector array and sensors coupled with an automatic perimeter masking system. Connected to the vehicle’s vetronics, the system deploys automatically once a threat is detected in accordance with pre-set parameters, kinetic and environmental conditions and further recommends evasive maneuvers to be carried out.

In its basic version, protection is achieved through instantaneous deployment of a large smoke screen, masking the vehicle from the visible to the far infrared of the spectrum. This system was initially developed and qualified within the framework of an export contract on an advanced generation vehicle in compliance with the STANAG specifications in effect. It is currently employed by an international army. The experience acquired during its deployment on various international land vehicles and its recognizedexpertise in countermeasures solutions (confusion, distraction, seduction) and in threat analysis in the air and sea domains, enables it to provide innovative protection solutions for the present and the future: innovative soft-kill protection. 

Lacroix is a committed partner to the Egyptian Armed Forces, equipping its Rafale, Mirage and F16 fighter jets. These platforms are protected by Lacroix’s most advanced technology in the field of spectral infrared countermeasures. Lacroix will also ensure protection of the Egyptian Navy’s latest vessels - the FREMM frigates and the GOWIND corvettes of the French Naval Group. These vessels are also equipped with the Sylena MK2 decoy launchers, providing full anti-torpedo and anti-missile protection against the most advanced threats.


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