New T-72AMT Main Battle Tank starts live firing campaign in Ukraine

The T-72АМТ Main Battle Tank, which was developed and manufactured by the "Kyiv Armored Plant" is undergoing a live firing test campaign at a military campground, the Ukranian State Enterprise "Ukroboronprom" press office announced today.

New T 72AMT Main Battle Tank starts live firing campaign in Ukraine 001
Ukraine's new T-72AMT undergoing live firing trials at a military testing ground
(Credit: Ukroboronprom)

The whole program of tests aim at testing all firing modes with various types of ammunition, including the "Combat" high-precision guided weapon developed by Ukroboronprom's Luch design bureau.

With this new capability, the T-72AMT modernized tank will be able to destroy enemy armored vehicles at a range of up to five km, and the range of its fire is twice the one of the T-72A. The armor penetrative capability of the Combat is 750mm, and thanks to the tandem warhead it ignores the enemy's reactive armor.

In addition, the T-72 AMT has received the latest generation of protection, which is provided by elements of dynamic protection and anti-cumulative gratings.

According to Ukroboronprom, the modernization program also included upgrading the tank chassis: the replacement of tracks allowed to increase the smoothness of the tank's movement, and a rear-view camera was installed for convenient operation.

New surveillance equipment was also included in the program, such as new night vision devices with 3rd generation electronic-optical convertes, as well as night sight for conducting fire with high-precision rounds.