Rostec is developing next-generation of soldier protection kit

The Russian State Corporation Rostec is developing more durable and reliable individual protection kit for soldiers, corporation’s CEO Sergei Chemezov has said.

russia rostec developing more durable soldier protection kit
(Picture source: Vitaly Kuzmin )

"We are working on a new aramid fiber-forming technique to create new-generation armor. Present-day research shows that its application can increase durability by 12%-15% compared to foreign analogues," Chemezov went on to say.

Rostec did not rule out that the new material could be used for the production of Ratnik military outfit for Russian servicemen.

Contemporary small arms produced by the world’s leading countries have a high armor-piercing capability even if it is small caliber. That is why experts in Russia and abroad are developing individual protection kits, which will be included in the outfits of future soldiers.

At present, Russian troops are equipped with Ratnik-2 outfit, which comprises a body armor vest. It can withstand a 7.62 mm bullet fired from the Dragunov sniper rifle. Ratnik has got developed fragment protection. It weighs 24 kilogram. The third-generation outfit (Ratnik-3) will weigh less but will preserve the same protection level.

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