Russia tests newly acquired Silok anti-drone complex during drills

Electronic warfare units of the 2nd combined arms army repelled an attack of 10 drones during drills in Orenburg region. The exercise for the first time engaged Silok anti-drone complex, the Central Military District said.

russia silok electronic warfare anti uav
Silok, the Russian army's anti-UAV system (Picture source: D.R.)

"Electronic warfare units repelled an attack of ten makeshift drones on the command post in Orenburg region. For the first time the latest Silok complex was engaged. It was supplied in June," it said.

The drones were suppressed at a distance of over four kilometers. "Various frequency bands were used. Multirole Leer-3 and Borisoglebsk-2 delivered an electronic strike at command systems of the conditional adversary," it said.

The drills were held at Totsk range and engaged Syrian experience in the training of electronic warfare units according to an order of district Commander Alexander Lapin. Silok is capable of automatically searching and determining drone coordinates and suppressing them at a range of several kilometers in various frequency bands.

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