Russian main weapon-producing Degtyaryov Plant increased its arms exports by 30% TASS 41012153

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Russian main weapon-producing Degtyaryov Plant increased its arms exports by 30%
The Degtyaryov Plant in Kovrov in central Russia has increased its arms exports by 30% in 2015, Acting Head of the Plant’s Small Arms and Artillery Systems Department Sergei Pustovalov told TASS on Thursday. Syria, Algeria, Namibia and Asian countries are the main customers of the plant’s products, he added.
Russian main weapon producing Degtyaryov Plant increased its arms exports by 30 percent 640 001Pecheneg-N 6P41 7.62mm machine gun
"We are delivering arms to Syria. There are several contracts with this country. But I can’t say that Syria is our main customer," Pustovalov said. According to him, the plant "is cooperating with many countries." "Venezuela was our customer. Now we are delivering our arms to Algeria, Syria, Namibia, as well as other African and Asian countries. Latin American countries are not on our customer list," he added.

The 7.62mm machine gun, the upgraded Kalashnikov tank-mounted machine gun, the Pecheneg machine gun and various versions of the KORD machine gun are the plant’s most popular weapons abroad, Pustovalov said.

"Our exports have increased by about 30%. We expect this figure to remain the same in 2016," he added.
According to Pustovalov, the volume of orders for the plant’s small arms and artillery systems has grown by 145% in 2015. The 7.62mm Pecheneg and the 12.7mm KORD machine guns are in great demand.

"The volume of orders has increased by 145% year-on-year. The plant is actually operating on a three-shift basis, except for December. We have fulfilled 99% of obligations. Small export orders remain but they will be fulfilled before the end of December," he said.

According to Pustovalov, Russian armor manufacturers are major customers of the 7.62mm Pecheneg and the upgraded Kalashnikov tank-mounted machine guns, including Kurganmashzavod in Kurgan and Uralvagonzavod in Nizhny Tagil in the Urals.

"The number of orders is growing for various versions of the advanced 12.7mm KORD machine gun, which can be mounted on various carriers, including armored personnel carriers, tripods and tanks," he added.

This year, the plant has successfully developed the advanced 12.7mm sniper rifle, which has already arrived for the Russian Armed Forces.
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