Russian Snipers based in Armenia to be equipped with the new Ratnik soldier kits 41412151

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Russian Snipers based in Armenia to be equipped with the new Ratnik soldier kits
The snipers of Russia’s South Military District /SMD/ base stationed in Armenia got sets of the new generation Ratnik soldier kits, the district press service reports.
Russian Snipers based in Armenia to b equipped with the new ratnik soldier kits 640 001Russian Ratnik Soldier gear
"The Ratnik component package includes sets of double-sided camouflage for winter and summer enabling performance of different missions in mountainous terrain at temperatures from minus 25 to plus 45 Centigrade," the press service said.

Also, the package includes around 40 protection and life support elements like helmets and armored vests, waterproof overalls, hearing protection headset, ballistic goggles, elbow and knee joint protection pads. In addition, the Ratnik has an independent heat source, tactical backpack, individual water filter, and respiratory protection and first aid kits.

The Ratnik system is also due to be supplied to South Military District unit in Transcaucasia in 2016 for equipping motorized infantrymen and special operations personnel.
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