Kazakhstan: KPE Barys 6x6 armored vehicle tested in winter conditions

Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering’s (KPE) latest armoured wheeled vehicle, the Barys 6x6, recently showed it can stand up to even the harshest Kazakh winter conditions, The Astana Times reports.

Kazakhstan KPE Barys 6x6 armored vehicle tested in winter conditions 925 002
Barys 6x6 tested in Kazakh winter conditions (Picture source: KPE)

Barys, meaning snow leopard, is the Kazakh name for the Mbombe military vehicle designed and developed by Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering’s (KPE). It was recently tested in winter conditions in the Karaganda region. The Barys 8x8 model also successfully passed its 2017 and 2018 field tests. “The most severe winter conditions prevailed during testing, similar to conditions found in Siberia. During this period, the temperature dropped to -45 degrees Celsius with a chill factor of -60 degrees Celsius, resulting in serious challenges to man and machine while conquering up to 75 cm of soft snow,” said Director of Astana’s KPE factory Johan Delport on the day and night trials, reports Paramount Group’s official website.

At the testing grounds, Chief of the General Staff of the Kazakh Armed Forces Murat Maikeyev, KPE engineers and military experts observed the vehicle demonstration. “Our Barys 6x6 is truly a high-speed fortress on wheels,” said its test driver Murat Isenov to Caravan.kz. “I drove it across the steppe at more than 100 km/h – it was a breeze.” The Barys can be used in continuous operation in -50 degrees Celsius.