VPK Tigr-2 armored vehicle prototype scheduled for early 2019

The first prototype of Russia’s Tigr-2 next-generation armored vehicle being developed by VPK will be ready in March-April 2019 after some adjustments ordered by the Defense Ministry, a source in the ministry told TASS on Friday. "Some requirements for the vehicle have changed and the developer has had to make some adjustments in the design. This has had its effect on the timeframe but not very much. In April, perhaps, in March next year," the source said, without specifying the requirements.

Tigr 2 armored vehicle prototype scheduled for early 2019
VPK "Tigr-M" with Arbalet-DM turret displayed at Army-2018 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

VPK earlier said that the Tigr-2 prototype would be completed by the end of 2018. As the Company said, the new vehicle will have its anti-mine resistance raised to 2kg in TNT equivalent and its ballistic resistance enhanced to the 6a-class under technical standards, while its load capacity will increase to 2 tonnes. The Tigr-M vehicle currently in service is protected against explosives with a weight of up to 0.6 kg in TNT equivalent. It has a 5-class ballistic protection and a load capacity of 1.2 tonnes.

The Tigr-2 vehicle is being developed, taking into account the experience of using Tigr-M vehicles in real combat conditions, including in Syria. The new vehicle’s enhanced load capacity will allow mounting new modules with heavy armament on it. The Tigr is a family of Russian armored vehicles. The vehicle’s various modifications have been manufactured at the Arzamas Machine-Building Factory (part of Military Industrial Company) since 2005.