Hanwha South Korea Unveils Space Launcher and Satellites to Create Satcom for Land Sea & Air

At the ADEX 2023 Aerospace and Defense Exhibition in Seoul, Hanwha Aerospace unveiled its cutting-edge aerospace technologies, spotlighting the Nuri space launch vehicle and its series of communication satellites. Hanwha Aerospace is now poised to introduce innovative communication solutions for the defense sector, bridging land, sea, and air platforms.
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Mockup of Nuri space launch vehicle at ADEX 2023. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Hanwha's Space Division stands out with its unmatched proficiency in space launch vehicle engines. They have commendably manufactured six liquid propellant engines for Nuri, the Korea Space Launch Vehicle-II (KSLV-II). This includes the production of pivotal components like turbo pumps, valves, attitude control systems, and thruster test facilities. Hanwha's groundbreaking technologies are propelling South Korea's aerospace sector forward. Notably, in June 2022, South Korea marked a significant achievement by launching a 1-ton satellite using solely domestic technology, becoming the seventh nation globally to accomplish this. The Space Division was instrumental in crafting the 75-ton liquid rocket engine for Nuri, elevating South Korea's space tech prowess.

In recognition of its business acumen and technical expertise, Hanwha Aerospace was designated as the system integrator for the Korea Space Launch Vehicle Program in December 2022. With the third launch of Nuri slated for the first half of 2023 and four more launches by 2027, Hanwha aims to assimilate system integration and launch operation technologies from the Korea Aerospace Research Institute. This will enhance the current launch vehicle tech and spearhead the creation of a dynamic space industry ecosystem. Hanwha is also dedicated to refining its foundational skills in pioneering successor projects to Nuri, which includes localizing essential components, adopting lighter materials, and boosting engine efficiency.

Beyond launch vehicles, Hanwha's Space Division is keen on establishing a comprehensive value chain for the space sector. In 2021, Hanwha secured a 30% share in Satrec Initiative, a leading South Korean satellite tech developer backing Space Eye-T, a fleet of the globe's most advanced Earth observation imaging satellites.

Furthermore, Hanwha is collaborating to cultivate future ventures leveraging satellite data. As a pivotal affiliate of Space Hub, Hanwha's strategic foray into the space domain, they are fervently scouting diverse future business prospects that synergize their existing prowess in the space arena.

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