DSEI 2023: Avon Protection Unveils Solutions in CBRN Protection and Military Diving

Avon Protection reveals new advancements in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) protective equipment and military diving technologies at the DSEI 2023 event in London.
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Avon Protection full ensemble, featuring suit, mask, helmet, boots, and gloves (Picture source: Avon Protection )

The company showcases its first CBRN protective suit concept, developed in collaboration with OPEC CBRNe. This full-body suit is designed to work in conjunction with Avon Protection's existing CBRN respiratory masks, such as the FM50 air purifying respirator (APR), as well as their Exoskin boots and gloves. This new ensemble aims to serve international military forces, special operations units, and first responders.

The company secured a contract from the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) for its Exoskin boots and gloves range in July. The new suit offers a fully integrated CBRN protective system from a single supplier, promising high levels of protection against chemical, biological, and antiviral threats, along with enhanced comfort for the user.

Justin Hine, Director of Strategy & Capability at Avon Protection, commented on the limitations of current protective gear. "The existing mix-and-match approach to protective equipment can leave users vulnerable at the points where different systems connect. Our new concept aims to eliminate these weak points by offering a fully integrated solution."

In addition to CBRN protection, Avon Protection is also introducing a new APR system designed for operations that do not require full CBRN protection. Named the Modular Integrated Tactical Respirator (MiTR), this low-burden, high-performance system features an integrated low-profile filter and is built around a next-generation positive pressure goggle.

Avon Protection is enhancing its capabilities for two-way command and control (C2) and situational awareness. The integration of a Sonardyne transceiver into Avon Protection’s MCM100 multi-role rebreather system will enable divers to maintain real-time communication with commanders on various platforms. This aims to improve safety and situational awareness for divers while providing commanders with critical data, including diver geolocation and vital signs.

The new CBRN suit, MiTR concept, and diving technologies are on display at DSEI 2023, alongside Avon Protection's comprehensive range of APRs, escape hoods, SCBA systems, modular PAPR units, Exoskin boots and gloves, and Team Wendy ballistic helmets.