Deftech proposes new SARP UGV to Malaysian Armed Forces

Jointly produced by the Turkish companies Aselsan and Katmerciler, the SARP UGV is being promoted to the Malaysian Special Forces by local contractor Deftech during DSA 2018 exhibition in Kuala Lumpur.

SARP UGV Deftech 001
The SARP UGV being showcased on Deftech booth

According to Deftech, the SARP UGV is mainly dedicated to urban warfare missions in support of Malaysian Police and Army Special Forces.

The SAR UGV is mainly composed on the Aselsan SARP Remote-Controlled Weapon Station and Katmerciler’s UKAP UGV.

The UKAP is powered by a sole battery providing up to 5 hours of operational time. It has an empty weight of 1000 kg and a maximum payload of 2 tons. Tracks are composed of rubber and alloy steel. The UGV has a maximum speed of 17 km/h.

Once integrated on an UGV platform, the SARP turret allows the operator to remain away from dangerous zones. Secure, encrypted and jamming free communication capabilities enable the system to be operated in distant control points of critical infrastructures.

Wireless SARP is an advanced remotely operated stabilized weapon station that combines high-precision reconnaissance capabilities with excellent firepower, provided by either 12.7 mm machine gun, 7.62 mm machine gun, or 40 mm automatic grenade launcher.