DSA 2018: Hanwha Defense Systems unveils Tigon armored vehicle

South Korea’s leading defense company Hanwha Defense Systems is partnering with the local industry AVP Engineering to propose a brand new 6x6 armored wheeled vehicle to the Malaysian Army, the Tigon.

Hanwha new tigon 001
Hanwha Defense Sytems Tigon 6x6 Wheeled Armored Vehicle proposed to Malaysian Army

With state of the art technology, Hanwha Defense Systems has newly developed the Tigon, a 6x6 armored wheeled vehicle for Malaysian Army.

This vehicle can be mounted with various weapon systems, such as 12.7 mm MG, 30 mm RCWS or even 90 mm gun for optimal offensive capabilities.

Defensively, the vehicle armor is reinforced to provide superior protection not only for ballistic but also for mine. It also features six smoke grenade launchers.

The Tigon is powered by a Caterpillar C9.3 6-cylinders diesel engine (525 hp), giving it a on-road speed of 100 km/h and a cruise range of 1,000 km.

Tigon 6x6 vehicle can carry up to 11 soldiers and can optionally be fitted with Run Flat system, Automatic Fire Suppression System, Thermal Driver Periscope CCD camera, Communication system, IFF device, and Water Jet Propulsion.

Besides the Tigon, the South Korean firm also promotes its multi-function observation device, thermal observation device and network-based integrated surveillance patrol system at the exhibition.