DSA 2018: SERT CR 300 Field Kitchen Qualified with Malaysian Army

For more than 25 years, SERT offers a wide range of mobile field utilities for Defense and Security sectors to improve the life support in critical conditions. At DSA 2018 the tri-service defence exhibition currently held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the French company highlights the CR 300 mobile field kitchen.

DSA 2018 SERT CR 300 Field Kitchen Qualified with Malaysian Army
Malysian Army testing the CR 300 fied kitchen in the jungle. SERT picture.

The CR 300 kitchen trailer was designed to ensure timely and effective restoration of 50 to 300 people. The unit consists in two modules circular stainless steel cooking new generation. The provision of cooking equipment can be made according to customers' requests with 200 liters pots, 150 liters double wall pressure cookers, 70 liters fryers or even woks.

Thanks to the use of last generation components, the unit consumes little electrical energy. In option, its low power generator ensures total autonomy. The power of SERT's new multi-fuel high efficiency burners ensures a quick rise in temperature for the cooking equipment.

DSA 2018 SERT CR 300 Field Kitchen Qualified with Malaysian Army 2 
SERT stand at DSA 2018

Thanks to its light weight (under 900 kgs), the CR 300 kitchen trailer has excellent mobility both on and off road and may be towed by a light 4x4 vehicles.

Jérôme Bouillon, international sales manager at SERT, told Army Recognition during DSA 2018 that the CR 300 was fully developed in-house and recently passed qualification tests with the Malaysian Army. The goal of this new kitchen trailer is to strengthen the range of existing SERT trailers, especially the successful CRP 1000 trailer (with 4 cooking modules) and to target emerging markets worldwide.

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