Heweigroup presents is portable x-ray scanner solution at DSA 2018

The HWXRAY-03 is a lightweight, portable, battery powered x-ray scanning system designed in co-operation with first responders and EOD teams to meet the needs of the field.

heweigroup hwxray03 xray portable scanner 925 001

Widespread use of explosives presents immense growing challenges and threats to civilians, law enforment forces, military and Police bomb squads and EOD teams worldwide. The key objective of bomb disposal operators is to accomplish their task as safely as possible. For that reason, EOD equipment and specifically portable x-ray scanner systems play a crucial role in meating this objective by providing real-time, high quality images of suspect objects, while insuring the safety of everyone.

The HWXRAY-03 portable x-ray scanner system is perfect for contraband - drugs or weapons, and IED detection by examinating suspected items without interfering with it. It is also perfect for non-intrusive and non-destructive inspection at a checkpoint, where you don't have a bigger instalation or if you need a complementary solution. The scanner can also help to detect any spying devices such as cameras and microphones.