VeroVision threat detector showcased at DSA 2018

The VeroVision™ Threat Detector meets the ever-growing need for advanced sensing technology to detect explosive, chemical and narcotic threat residues.

verovision standoff detection system dsa 925 001

The VeroVision™ Threat Detector uses standoff hyperspectral imaging technology and their proprietary analytical software to detect explosive, narcotic or chemical residues that may have transferred to a particular item -- such as a vehicle or backpack -- during illicit activity like bomb-making or drug smuggling.

VeroVision is designed with operator safety in mind, allowing it to be incorporated as part of a layered security protocol. VeroVision will enhance situational awareness by providing wide-area surveillance at a safe standoff distance. It can help reduce the response tie to react to potentia threats, ultimately saving lives and making the world healthier and safer.

The VeroVision™ Threat Detector can: Screen vehicles, cargo, luggage and other containers for explosives, chemicals or narcotics. Provide additional layered security at access control points, border crossing points or ports. Screen unknown/suspicious packages or unattended bags for explosives or chemicals. Scan crime scenes, clandestine labs or overdose scenes for potentially harmful materials.