Thales' new modular Watchkeeper X UAS makes debuts at DSEI 2015 21709152

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Thales Group at DSEI 2015
Thales' new modular Watchkeeper X UAS makes debuts at DSEI 2015
At DSEI 2015, Thales unveiled its new modular Watchkeeper X system, which reflects a growing need for high-end military-standard Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) capability to wider markets. This modular Unmanned Aircraft System offers a range of options that can be adapted to specific operational requirements.
Thales new modular Watchkeeper X UAS makes debuts at DSEI 2015 640 001Thales highlights its famous Watchkeeper UAS at DSEI 2015
The versatile Watchkeeper X system is ideal for providing high-performance ISTAR over a wide range of air, land and maritime scenarios but can now also provide covert, rapid reaction to threats if required. Thales aims to deliver Watchkeeper X through collaboration with local industries and partnerships. This unique approach to unmanned aircrafts systems means that Thales can help to build a truly sovereign capability for our customers.

At the heart of Watchkeeper X, remains a fully certified, combat proven, high-performance unmanned aircraft system. Building on this solid foundation, Thales now offers a range of options in sensors, exploitation, mobility and effectors, which can be integrated, upgraded or adapted to make this a fully flexible, modular capability today and in the future.

Central to the effectiveness of this certified high-performance unmanned aircraft system is the aircraft. It has an impressive 16hrs+ endurance; operating at ranges in excess of 140km with maximum transit speed of 95knots. When operating multiple aircraft with the system you can achieve 24/7 surveillance, operating at any range.

Watchkeeper X is built to CS23/STANAG 4671 airworthiness certification standards, and can operate in zero visibility, harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures.

The sensors option builds on the dual payload configuration of the aircraft to offer cameras, radar, electronic surveillance and a fully integrated simultaneous operation. The mobility option offers a range of solutions to provide fixed infrastructure operations or full expeditionary or mobile deployments. The exploitation option pulls on our experience of data management and dissemination to give you the tools such as datalinks to transport information anywhere in the world, protect that information and exploit it to maximum effect. And the effectors option gives the capability to deliver effect directly or indirectly.

With its fast deployment, high endurance, flexible payloads and precision strike, Watchkeeper X will respond to the growing need for ISTAR capabilities. Whilst built to the same standards as a manned aircraft, it is highly transportable and its modular design means it can be adapted and upgraded for specific operational requirements. Upgrades can be integrated at any time which means the system is flexible to change along with strategic priorities.

Watchkeeper X is based on a ground breaking, world leading unmanned aircraft system that was designed specifically for the requirements of the British Army. There is no other capability like it available in today’s market. We have now taken the knowledge and expertise that we have gained over the history of the programme and looked at how we can make it more flexible, effective and readily available for our customers, to help them address the different operational contexts they may face," said Pierre Eric Pommellet, Thales Executive Vice-President, Defence Mission Systems.