DVD 2018: FAUN Trackway displayed its M150 Heavy Ground Mobility System

Very few systems of this kind were visible at DVD 2018, which is why, even if not a brand-new item, the FAUN Trackway(R) M150 deserves to be briefly presented here. The British manufacturer displayed its solution that derives from its original Military Load Classification (MLC) 70.

DVD 2018 Faun displayed its M150 Trackway Heavy Ground Mobility System
FAUN Trackway(R) M150 Heavy Ground Mobility System (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Due to MLC70 having the capability to withstand repeated loads of tracked and wheeled vehicles, the M150 has been graded as MLC70 baseline on a 3% California Baring Ratio (CBR) ground conditions indefinitely. However, it will stand heavier loads up to a military load classification of 150T depending on the ground condition. As a multipurpose solution the Trackway is suitable for roadways, bridge access, Rapid Runway Repair (RRR), Helicopter Landing Mats (HLM), and general infrastructure use.

The system is suitable for long periods of water immersion. It withstands temperatures ranging from -40°C to +60°C. It is easily splitting and joining in complete darkness, submerged or if joints and locks are full of dirt and sand. The M150 has been independently climatic tested to MIL-STD 810F for cold, humidity, heat, solar and dust, vibration, salt, mist and shock. The modular Trackway system comprises single aluminum panels, connected by male/female joints and secured by locking pins. Individual panels can be easily removed or replaced as required.

Let’s remind that the principle of this system was designed among other “Hobart’s Funnies” which were used by the Allied forces on D-Day 1944 in Normandy.